10 celebrities who went bankrupt

It's hard to imagine that a few celebrities can make millions of pounds and yet file for bankruptcy at the end of the year. What are they doing with all this money? And it seems that the old stars of the 90s are the worst.

For decades we have seen dozens if not hundreds of singers, actors and other celebrities make millions and then hit the bottom. Here are 10 celebrities who went bankrupt and you may not know it.

10 celebrities who went bankrupt

Nicholas Cage

10 celebrities who went bankrupt

One of the most eccentric actors of his generation - Nicholas Cage used to earn millions, but he spent all that money on luxury mansions, private jets and super expensive cars. He even bought a medieval castle (Midford) and an island in the Exuma Archipelago! At this point he realized that he was already in deep shit and amassed more than $ 14 million in debts. Naturally, he had to sell his goods and now I think he will never leave in such a buying frenzy.

Lindsay Lohan

10 celebrities who went bankrupt

Cheap condominiums, heaps of designer clothes and overpriced jewelry, it's no surprise that one day Lindsay suddenly had more than $ 600,000 in credit card debt. 2 years later, in 2012, it was still ruined. The fisc has frozen his accounts and the ugliest, she even asked for a loan of 100KB to Charlie Sheen!

50 Cent

10 celebrities who went bankrupt

50 cent filed for bankruptcy last July. He lost almost all his 500 million because of his lifestyle and thoughtless behavior. The final fall was the $ 7 million lawsuit for publishing a sextape of a woman with another man without her consent.

Brendan Fraser

10 celebrities who went bankrupt

In the 90s, Brandon was "in" but recently ... more so. He had to declare bankruptcy in the early 2000s and even making 200,000 a month, he could not pay all his bills, his manager and his alimony ...

Drake Bell

10 celebrities who went bankrupt

The star child of the Nickelodeon show "Drake and Josh" currently owes about $ 600,000 to the tax department. What's even worse, he filed for bankruptcy after claiming $ 1,597 million. We thought it was smarter. Now he is focusing on music and hopes to release a platinum album soon!

Wesley Snipes

10 celebrities who went bankrupt

Welsey, one of the toughest Hollywood stars to cook, apparently owes $ 12 million to the tax department. Is there anything sacred for the taxman? He made a tiny tax fraud in 2006: big deal ... but it's still Wesley. Hopefully Marvel will get it soon for a new role of Blade.

Pamela Anderson

10 celebrities who went bankrupt

In 2009, Playboy's legendary rabbit had $ 1.7 million in tax debt and owed the Canadian government more than $ 1.9 million. In 3 years, after millions in domestic renovations and taxes, she had to declare bankruptcy. A year later, in 2013, she sold her Malibu villa for $ 7.75 million.

Lena Headey

10 celebrities who went bankrupt

When you look closer at Lena Headey's life, you can see that she has something in common with her Game of Thrones character.

And, assuming you've read the title of this article, you guess at a certain point it went bankrupt (though they say the Lannisters still pay their debts). Lena was in a very bad divorce, leaving just $ 5 on her bank account. Of course, playing Cersei, she pocketed a sizeable amount of money but she had to sell her house in Hollywood for $ 450,000 to make ends meet. All thanks to strip clubs, gay bars and Peter Dinklage - his personal guide.

Lady Gaga

10 celebrities who went bankrupt

Do you remember his bankruptcy in 2009? Yeah, me neither. Lady Gaga was always so famous and apparently successful, that people were surprised to learn about this bankruptcy. Apparently, during "Monster Ball" turn, GaGa spent all his money in quirks, costumes unnecessarily exaggerated: $ 3 million in the hole.

Donald Trump

10 celebrities who went bankrupt

And, finally, our beloved US President - Donald Trump, who declared bankruptcy for his corporate entities to not one, but four times! The Trump Taj Mahal in 1991, Trump Hotels in 1992, Trump Hotels Casino in 2004 and Trump Entertainment Resorts in 2009. He claims that virtually every person you see on the front page of business magazines went bankrupt. In his defense, he has used the bankruptcy card four times and has it still running, eventually becoming one of the most powerful on Earth, which means that bankruptcy is not always the end!

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