10 reasons to fly to Canada in 2019

Throughout the country, one has the opportunity to discover dynamic cities, to enjoy a warm welcome recognized worldwide or even to walk in a beautiful and beautiful nature. If you still have no idea about the trip that will make you dream in 2019, here are 10 good reasons to take a closer look at direct flights to Canada!

10 reasons to fly to Canada in 2019

Discovering a wonderful nature

10 Reasons to fly to canada in 2019

Yoho National Park, Field, Canada

While Canada is home to large, vibrant, vibrant and culturally rich cities, it is also a destination of choice for outdoor enthusiasts. The second largest country in the world in terms of area, it is necessary to go there several times to enjoy its more than 40 national parks and nature reserves. Mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, glaciers and coastline draw the landscape and are all areas where to make splendid hikes.

Enjoy outdoor recreation, head for a sporty stay

Who says country with big spaces says activities of full nature. And the many provinces of Canada are a fascinating playground for sports fans! One of the things that surrounds Vancouver is the nature and the many opportunities it provides. In addition to hiking, which is a flagship activity, you can go rafting in the rough waters of the Elaho River in the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, as well as rock climbing or mountain biking. Refueling while exercising and enjoying as much as you can, this is Canada too.

Venture into the West, British Columbia

10 reasons to fly to Canada in 2019

British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia is a beautiful province where nature amazes, between majestic glaciers, snow-capped mountains, orchards, forests and the unmissable Pacific Islands. On Vancouver Island, we stop in the peaceful British-style city of Victoria before heading south to get lost in the Pacific Rim National Park, the place for wild beach lovers. We also do not miss to visit the village of Stewart to see its fjord and see the grizzly in its natural environment. We are at the border between Canada and the United States, the beginnings of the state of Alaska.

Explore Inland and Alberta

10 reasons to fly to Canada in 2019

lake louise, alberta, canada

Adept to breathtaking scenery, welcome to the province of Alberta. Along the road from Jasper to Lake Louise, take the Icefields Parkway. There are more than 100 glaciers and incredible natural elements that unfold before our eyes. Turquoise lakes, snow-capped peaks and striking waterfalls, it's simple, this road is considered one of the most scenic roads on the globe. You can also be surprised by the turquoise blue of Lake Louise in Banff National Park. It is a pure pleasure to cross it in a canoe or simply to go along it via its pedestrian path. Here, one simply enjoys the landscape, composed of breathtaking summits and coniferous forests.

Stop in Calgary, modern city east of the Rockies

10 reasons to fly to Canada in 2019

Rocky Mountain Place, Calgary, Canada

If Canada evokes the great outdoors and the joys of nature, we must not forget that it is also a country whose prosperity is also due to its charming attractive cities. Calgary is one of them. We take the time to wander through Downtown and contemplate its glass towers that reflect each other. Then we go to Chinatown, the oldest in Canada by the way. Several spots allow to contemplate sublime panoramas on the city and its Skyline: the Calgary Tower or even climbing the stairs of Mc Hugh Bluff, a park very appreciated by the locals. It is a city where one has no difficulty in extricating itself from the urban atmosphere to enjoy peaceful and green walks. You can simply stroll along the Bow River as well as join Prince Island Park, to run, rollerblade or bike, taking the time to observe the squirrels that seem to live in perfect harmony with humans.

Stop in Halifax

This city that mixes history and modernity really wins to be known. We walk on the boardwalk and we take the time to contemplate the facades of buildings of the eighteenth century and make a stop in an art gallery or a restaurant. There is also the citadel, which surprises, because located at the top of a hill. It overlooks the harbor and is a peaceful place to wander in a green setting. We also discover the history of this maritime city at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and in particular the link between Halifax and the famous Titanic.

Cruising the rest of Nova Scotia

10 reasons to fly to Canada in 2019

Skyline Trail, Nova Scotia, Canada

Nova Scotia is a great place to stay under the sign of the sea. Many emblematic places allow you to immerse yourself in a marine atmosphere. We discover one day the charming little fishing village typical of Fisherman's Cove. Then we will immortalize a few moments at the lighthouse Peggy's Cove before joining the small village nearby and stop to enjoy some seafood specialties.

Stroll in New Brunswick

10 reasons to fly to Canada in 2019

New Brunswick, Canada

On the Atlantic coast, another province attracts crowds for its specificities. New Brunswick offers the opportunity for a low-tide seabed walk where huge monoliths rise in the Bay of Fundy. We can also discover the habits and customs of the Acadian people in the Historic Village, thanks to a reconstruction of the universe that reigned in 1850. Finally, the summer, who would not dream of bathing in Canada? This is possible in Kouchibouguac National Park, home to the warmest waters in northern Virginia, between salt tides, forests and dunes.

Take Off on Prince Edward Island

This island in eastern Canada made famous by the Lucy Maud Montgomery novel, Anne of Green Gables, is home to many treasures and is a little gem that should not be missed. It offers an ideal mix of colors to immortalize during photo shoots, with its fields and its wild nature, the red of its land and the blue of its sea. The sea which is besides in the center of all the attentions and the economic activity, with 1,100 km of coastline and no less than 23 beaches. It is advisable to stroll on this beach of Bassin Head, where sand is famous for singing under your feet. The sea is also found in the plates with many restaurants that offer fish and shellfish accompanied by local potatoes. A stay that perfectly combines the beauty of nature and gastronomic delights.

Diving into the wilderness of Newfoundland and Labrador

10 reasons to fly to Canada in 2019

Newfoundland Canada

What about this province of the East except that it offers an extraordinary face-to-face with grandiose landscapes. Nature is raw on all sides, and forests, parks, rivers, as well as the work of the waves that gnaw the rocks, offer a feeling of end of the world, in a preserved territory and where the weather often rough adds to the feeling of wild land. It is also a good place for a lot of outdoor activities. We take advantage of the sea and the rivers to kayak and go off by boat. In the land, hiking and biking allow you to go into the forests and cross a wildlife that is found in most of Canada's wild territories: brown bears, caribou, elk or even lynx.

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