3 Celebrity Couples Who Had A Bundle Of Joy

Regardless of whether you're n anot aficionado of big name culture, the one thing none of us can oppose is the fixation on big name pregnancies and VIP babies. Perhaps it's something about the way that pregnancy and youngsters are adapting. We can take a gander at them and state "goodness, they're much the same as us!" 

Or then again perhaps it's simply the way that the delight of new life is all inclusive. 

Despite the fact that we don't have the foggiest idea about these superstar couples by and by, we see their satisfaction and identify with when we had minimal ones going along with us on the planet. Whatever the reason, there's something evidently intriguing about after VIP pregnancies and big name babies. 

Following a VIP into parenthood used to be restricted to prattle magazines and tabloids. However at this point, because of the web, we can simply line our most loved celebs and stay aware of all their real life occasions. We celebrate with them. We grovel over their cute pictures. We can effectively take an interest. 

In case you're hoping to partake some progressively, here are some big name couples who invited excellent dear babies in 2018, and some who are expecting in 2019. 

3-A Baby Girl For Cardi B And Offset 


A standout amongst the most discussed VIP pregnancies of the year must be Cardi B's. The rapper was open about her pregnancy via web-based networking media and, obviously, the trolls came join the fun. Cardi B was much of the time disclosed to her that the child would impede her profession and individuals went as low as to state that she wouldn't make a decent mother on account of her way of life – particularly after she was seen out at a club while pregnant. 

Obviously, Cardi B terminated back like the Queen that she is and asked the haters to take a hike. She and her significant other Offset commended the introduction of her little girl Kulture this late spring, and they shared their euphoria through Instagram the way Cardi wants to – with a semi-naked photograph. 

2-A Baby Boy For Chrissy Teigen And John Legend 

3 Celebrity Couples Who Had A Bundle Of Joy

instagram @chrissyteigen

Chrissy Teigen, otherwise known as the Queen of Twitter, has never been timid discussing pregnancy and child rearing on the Internet. She and her better half, swoon-commendable artist John Legend, have been open about their battles to consider. She experienced IVF so as to imagine her first kid, young lady Luna. 

When she declared that she was pregnant with her second kid in the cutest conceivable manner – a video of Luna stroking her child knock and saying "what's in there?" – fans were thrilled that the origination battles appeared to be over for Teigen and Legend. 

Infant Miles, who didn't have a name for right around seven days after his introduction to the world, to the horror of media all over, was conceived in May and Teigen has been gracing us with photographs from that point forward. 

1-Conor McGregor And Dee Devlin 

3 Celebrity Couples Who Had A Bundle Of Joy

instagram @thenotoriousmma

Conor McGregor has for the most part been in the news this year for terrible reasons – his out of the confine battles, his unending waste talk, and by and large strange shenanigans. 

Be that as it may, he and his long haul accomplice Dee Devlin stood out as truly newsworthy for a vastly improved reason in the nick of time for Conor's 30th birthday celebration. 

They declared that they would respect their second tyke at some point in mid 2019. Devlin declared the pregnancy in a birthday post she made for McGregor in July composing: 

"Cheerful 30th birthday celebration darling! Much obliged to you for being you! Cherish you to bits from me, Conor jr and the knock," 

Up until now, they haven't declared the sexual orientation of their new infant, however fingers crossed they'll have a little girl to adjust their child, Conor Jr., who was conceived in 2017.

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