3 tips to put your false eyelashes perfectly

Do you want to wear false eyelashes for a day, or to perfect an evening make-up? Here are 3 tips for a nickel result!

Putting false eyelashes can be a real headache. Yet, they can magnify your look the time of an evening. Want your pose to be perfect? Follow 3 tips to succeed.


1 / Prepare well

We must proceed in order. Before putting false eyelashes, you have to make up your eyelid, because doing it after will not be practical. Nude or smoky-eye, it's up to you to play: the eye shadow will help the glue to adhere well. Then it is advisable to prepare your eyelashes: you can curl them, but also apply mascara if you wish.

2 / Have the right tools ... And adapted false eyelashes

Before thinking about the pose itself, you have to choose false eyelashes. You can find all kinds: very long, more curved, natural or synthetic hair ... Free to choose the ones you need according to the desired result. To add a little volume during the day, it is advisable to bet on fake eyelashes with a very natural look. If you want to put on a party, dare to take bigger eyelashes.

Then gently peel off a first row of false eyelashes using a pair of tweezers, then apply the specific glue on it using a beveled brush, taking care not to exceed. Once the glue is in place, it is advisable to wait a few seconds for it to adhere well and to begin to dry a little. Here they are ready to be laid!

3 / Adopt the right gestures

Here you are at the crucial moment: it is time to place the row of false eyelashes on that of your natural eyelashes using tweezers. To ease the pose, close your eyelid and take the time to properly adjust the bangs. White glue sticks out? Do not worry, as it dries, it becomes transparent. That's it !


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