5 tips to take care of your hands

Tugging, itching, excess of small skin around the nails ... Especially exposed, the skin of the hands tends to dry up. So that they stay nickel all year long and have a nice manicure, here are our easy tips everyday.


Make a habit of creaming after each wash

It's finally a reflex to take: we put a tube of hand cream on the edge of the sink or on his desk and every time we washed our hands, we apply scrupulously. No more irritated skin with soap or cold water!

Treat yourself to a bath of lemon and olive oil

Once a week, prepare a bowl of hot water with a little olive oil to nourish the cuticles and a net of lemon to whiten the nails. A little bath of a quarter of an hour is enough to make beautiful hands, naturally.

Lime her nails gently

For healthy nails, you must know how to file them. A glass or emery file is used rather than an aggressive metal file. And above all, we make a gentle movement, always in the same direction, from left to right or from right to left, but no back and forth!

Pause between two poses

Rather than stringing the polish, we think to make a few days detox to let the nail breathe. And of course, we do not skip the step of the basic pose that can be nourishing, whitening or hardening, and that prevents the nails from yellowing by protecting them from the pigments of the varnish.

To make a poultice

If your hands are really dry and have a tendency to flake, you can put nourishing cream in a very thick layer and put on cotton gloves to promote the penetration of the active ingredients into the skin. There are also gloves with cream ready to use.

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