Avengers Endgame: 7 questions we asked ourselves while watching the movie

Avengers 4 is finally in our cinemas. The Infinity War sequel closes in 3 hours 11 years of MCU. Nothing will be the same again at Marvel after this ultimate clash between the survivors and the indestructible Thanos. We could see the film in preview. Here are the questions we asked ourselves during the screening. No spoilers here.

Hard to talk about a film without revealing anything and not to mention his scenario or what happens there. But no spoiler here.


Avengers Endgame, what's that about?

Avengers Endgame resumes a few weeks after the end of Infinity War. Our heroes are shot. The planet is in shock. How to continue moving forward when half of the population (and our relatives) has disappeared? While Tony Stark is lost in the infinite space, the Avengers will try everything in order to reverse the process of Thanos. But .... but there are wheelbarrows in Endgame ...

Even though we thought of the film, we do not want you to discover it yourself so as not to ruin this experience. Because surprises, there are some. Everything is almost a spoiler and this from the first minutes. The great strength of Avengers 4 is to close 10 years of MCU. The film lasts 3 hours because each character sees his story coming to an end. Each narrative loop initiated within the MCU for more than a decade has benefited from its epilogue. This is extremely ambitious from the Russo brothers. Avengers 4 has something of a long nostalgic stroll (a bit restless anyway) and a last goodbye to relatives who would have accompanied us for more than 10 years.

Can we see Endgame without seeing the other Marvel films?

Hardly. Or by missing all connections, winks, dramatic and mythological springs. Endgame is the MCU movie that has the most connections with all 21 other films that preceded it. This is the least accessible MCU movie for those who do not know anything about it. The Russo brothers are really mischievous revisiting some key episodes of the saga to advance in their story. Hard to say any more without spoiler anything but we urge you to see Civil War, the first Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, but also the Winter Soldier, Thor, Captain America, Captain Marvel ... a little bit of everything.

3 hours is not a long?

Yes and no. Avengers 4 is sometimes lost in dispensable scenes and at the same time 3 hours seems at times too little to tell what the Russo brothers have in mind. Some passages have the effect of being shipped and the intrigues go to 100 per hour as there are characters and stories to complete. If Infinity War was a film told from the point of view of Thanos, Endgame tells the story of the Avengers to the global.

How to be funny when half of humanity is gone?

Avengers Endgame starts as the most pessimistic and sinister Marvel movies. Of course, the earth has been ravaged, all our heroes have lost loved ones and nothing seems reversible. Hard to laugh in this atmosphere of death. Still, the comedy aspect manages to surprise. We will say no more but yes we often laugh in Avengers 4. Not only through Paul Rudd in Ant-Man and Rocket Raccoon but thanks to Thor who has lost nothing of his verve Thor Ragnarok. The punchlines machine is running at full speed in Avengers 4.

Is the last 8 minutes the craziest in Marvel's history as Robert Downey Jr tells it?

We will not go as far in the speech as Tony Stark's interpreter. But yes, the last minutes of Avengers Endgame are rich in emotions and will undoubtedly cause sniffing in the rooms and clumsy gestures in bags in search of kleenex. Nevertheless, it is not only the last minutes that are remarkable (on a film of 3 hours, thankfully!). The last hour is the 60 most epic and danteque minutes in the history of Marvel.

Has Thanos actually slaughtered half of the galaxy to go garden alone in his corner?

Thanos likes to garden. No spoil, we saw it at the end of Infinity War, the titan is off to take refuge solitary on a green planet to savor his victory and the new peace brought to the galaxy. Thanos has a green hand what do you want ...

Is Avengers 4 the announced masterpiece?

We preferred Infinity War. But one does not go without the other. Even if Endgame is not devoid of defects (too much to tell, he sometimes gets lost in his story, does not escape the fan service supported, abuses a little oddly some of his characters, and falls in screenwriting facilities) it's a rich, spectacular work that will make you vibrate when you need it. And an extraordinary entertainment.

Here is a generous blockbuster that will mark its fans and that offers an end in apotheosis to the saga more crazy and disproportionate in the history of cinema of the 21st century.

We reassure those who are afraid of wanting to go to the bathroom during these three hours and who fear not to be able to refrain from strumming their phone for one moment or another. You will not even think about it!


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