Become a vegetarian: 3 tips to go without meat smoothly

Animal protection, preservation of the environment, desire for a healthier diet, cultural or religious beliefs ... There are many reasons to become vegetarian, like 5% of French people. But it's not always easy to lose your carnivore habits. Maxisciences gives you a little help to make it happen

"  If slaughterhouses had glazed facades, everyone would become vegetarian  ". It was this phrase from Paul McCartney that motivated Fleur to give up Tartar steak 10 years ago. For Lucas, it is necessary to eat the animals , the book of Jonathan Safran Foer which made it become vegetarian and for Yasmine it is a documentary on the environmental impact of the modes of production which pushed him to stop to consume meat .

If their clicks or reflections are different, they all agree on one point: the transition has not always been obvious. Neither for them nor, sometimes, for their entourage. To help more and more people who want to adopt this diet, Maxisciences shares some easy tips.

Become a vegetarian: 3 tips to go without meat smoothly

A transition in stages

Becoming a vegetarian means changing one's lifestyle and giving up well-established habits. This is why it is advisable to go gradually. Some may start by adopting the "  Green Monday  ", which means no more meat or fish every Monday. Others will prefer the 30-day method. 

- The 1st month  : we completely remove the beef from its diet

- The 2nd month: we remove pork (in addition to beef)

- Every month:  we remove a meat to arrive, for those who wish, to the seafood. This gradual elimination facilitates the transition.

We replace

It is advisable, on average, to ingest 0.83g / kg / day of  protein in adults . But these needs can increase in the  pregnant  or breastfeeding woman, in the big sportsmen, the elderly people who lose the muscular mass and to fall in the people suffering from renal insufficiency or overweight.

To avoid nutritional deficiencies , it is appropriate to replace animal proteins with plant proteins . They are found in good concentration in legumes (lentils, chickpeas, beans ...), cereals , pseudo-cereals (chia, quinoa, buckwheat ...), seeds , oilseeds , starchy foods or in algae (especially spirulina ). To guide you, the Yazio app lets you know the nutritional value (including their protein content) of foods.

We try new recipes

No, do you really think you'll have a hard time doing without a burger or sausage? Try (with an open mind and taste buds!) The wheat-based vegetarian salami or soybean steaks, which are readily available on the market. You will be surprised! 

Do not hesitate to take part in culinary experiences with vegetarian recipes . Treat yourself to  the simplest vegetarian recipes  in the world in the Simplissime collection, And download the free Vegg'up app A must to cook according to his food preferences, possible intolerances and equipment available.

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