Best Internet Browsers on Android in 2019

Welcome to the selection of the best Internet browsers on Android in 2019. In this article, we will introduce you to a series of browsers, from well known to more unknown, to allow you to select yours. Follow the guide !


On the Google Play Store, you can find a lot of Internet browsers for your Android smartphone or tablet. Warning, not all browsers will suit you. It's all about finding the one that has the features you're looking for and whose interface you like the most.

Kiwi Browser: As fast as Chrome, it gives access to PC and Mac extensions!

Best Internet Browsers on Android in 2019

Did you know that you can use your favorite Chrome extensions on your smartphone? The latest version of this browser is indeed compatible with all extensions of the Chrome Store. The browser itself is based on the open source code of Chromium and WebKit and therefore has the same responsiveness as Google Chrome.

Download Kiwi Browser


Best Internet Browsers on Android in 2019

Unlike many browsers for Android, Firefox allows you to easily install extensions, like our desktop browser. In the same vein, it is possible to install themes, to customize a little more your browser. Like Chrome, Firefox also lets you sync your history and favorite tabs with your desktop browser. A must if you already use Firefox on your computer.

Download Firefox

Opera: fluid, it can by default force the display of the PC version of the websites

Best Internet Browsers on Android in 2019

Opera is a popular browser for Android users. First because it's a smooth browser, and includes a block of unwanted ads. But not only. Many users like to be able to display the websites in PC version by default. And that, added to its neat ergonomics and its many features, make it clearly one of the best options currently available.

Download Opera

Via: light as air

Best Internet Browsers on Android in 2019

Without a doubt one of the lightest navigators in this selection, Via is certainly one of the fastest and most refined. The navigation experience is never hampered by notifications, it uses far less RAM than its competitors, and has been designed around minimalism. As a bonus you can customize it, it includes modules to save data, or a night mode. And support add-ons.

Download VIA

Google Chrome: the king

Best Internet Browsers on Android in 2019

We start of course with a classic: Google Chrome. Google's built-in home solution has a lot to offer: for example, it allows you to synchronize your history and tabs with the desktop version of Google Chrome. To take advantage of the latest news, we invite you to download the current development of Chrome, which is accessible via the Beta section of Google Play Store: Chrome Beta, Chrome Dev and Chrome Canary. We advise you rather Chrome Beta, which remains more stable than the others. However, if you want to focus on stability to novelty, Google Chrome will do the job perfectly.

Download Google Chrome

Samsung Internet: simple and intuitive

Best Internet Browsers on Android in 2019

Especially complete and intuitive to handle, Samsung Internet will delight lovers of a clear and convenient interface. There are sweeping gestures, which allow you to easily navigate from one tab to another, plug-ins very convenient to facilitate your shopping on Amazon and the support of videos in 360 °. Best of all, the Samsung browser automatically blocks advertisements that may appear on your smartphone.

Download Samsung Internet

Tor Browser: get inside the onion and surf really incognito

Thanks to the Tor Browser, you will be able to surf incognito on the Internet! It allows you to surf the web avoiding your personal data being collected and blocking intrusive ads and trackers. Tor Browser is also equipped with a VPN and a Proxy, which will allow you to surf the Tor network. To protect your privacy online, this is the browser we advise you!

Download Tor Browser

Lynket: navigate differently

Installed in full of Google Chrome, which is anyway the default browser par excellence, Lynket (formerly titled Chromer) is a marvel of ergonomics. It allows you to browse websites in the same way as if they were applications. Connected to Chrome, Lynket will open each page as a separate application. For the most confused and distracted Internet users, this is a great solution. Lynket can also increase the page loading speed.

Download Lynket

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