Breast cancer: more effective innovative treatments



In 2018, a 52-year-old American woman with end-stage breast cancer survived thanks to an innovative treatment: personalized cellular immunotherapy. The technique consisted in selecting the most aggressive T cells (white blood cells, armed arms of the immune system) against the tumor, cultivating them in the laboratory and multiplying them before reinjecting them. Immunotherapy is an area of the future for treating breast cancer, especially the most resistant. Combined with chemotherapy, it can even block the activity of a protein in certain tumors that inhibit cellsĀ of the immune system.


Research published in The New England Journal of Medicine in October 2018 showed that this new treatment (tested on 902 patients with metastatic breast cancer)

increased life expectancy by 15 to 25 months and slowed the development of the tumor. Thanks to a more individualized management and the generalization of access to genomic tests, since 2016, the treatments are lighter, more effective and with lesser sequels. Minimally invasive surgery, generalized oncoplasty and robotic mastectomy also give better esthetic results in the case of breast reconstructions. Major progress that we only ask to see continue in 2019!

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