Captain Marvel in the Book of Records: a fan saw the movie ... 116 times at the cinema

While binge-watching normally allows you to watch many episodes of different series / movies as a result, an American used this concept to ... see Captain Marvel as many times as possible at the movies. Stupid? Yes, but he is now in the Book of Records.

Captain Marvel in the Book of Records: a fan saw the movie ... 116 times at the cinema

What's the use of socializing when you can spend your time locked in a movie theater watching the same movie in a loop? That's the question Steve Ruppel - an American from Wisconsin - had to ask himself before embarking on a challenge that was as pointless as it was improbable. Which ? That of seeing Captain Marvel as many times as possible in a dark room.

A very special record for Marvel

Desperate to get into the Book of Records and have a place next to the person with the longest nails and the most hair on the body, this fan MCU has redoubled inventiveness for s' offer a hundred head-to-head with Brie Larson.

At the microphone of WSAW, he said in particular: "Given the time it takes, I had to take days off, extend my breaks already in order to fit the duration of a film and I used my time weekends instead of doing other things ". Result, in nearly a month and a half, he could see the film ... 116 times! Yes, you read that correctly, that equates to 14,268 minutes of his life. And for the anecdote, he has seen 7 times in the course of the same day.

A real preparation

A totally stupid record that completely broke it: "It was really difficult, I do not see myself doing it again. (...) It was the craziest thing possible, I did not even think it was possible, but who asked for a real preparation. And for good reason, in order to prevent his performance from falling by the wayside and his lost time being even more, he had to set up some stratagems in order to get his record approved: "For it to be official, I had to take some pictures, as in front of a poster, and I had to have the written word of two witnesses who affirmed that I was really present ".

Not all superheroes wear cloaks, some also eat popcorn.


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