Chris Evans: 5 Things You Did not Know Not About Captain America`s Interpreter

Chris Evans, who returns to his role as Steve Rogers. But do you really know the actor? Here are 5 things you did not know (maybe) about him.


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1. He almost said no to Captain America

It was in 2011 that Chris Evans wore the Captain America costume for the first time with the first solo film, Captain America: First Avenger. But he almost never played the superhero! Marvel Studios immediately thought of him to play Steve Rogers but the actor was not really hot. Indeed, he was afraid of the consequences of this role on his private life, he is rather discreet. He refused to play the character three times before Robert Downey Jr convinced him to accept. We can say thank you!

2. One of his first roles we had (almost) forgotten

It was in 2000 that Chris Evans began his film career with The Newcomers. But do you remember that he played in 2011 in ... Sex Academy? Remember, the movie was actually a parody of teen-movies including Elle is too good. Chris Evans played Jake Wyler, the main male character against Chyler Leigh then seen in Gray's Anatomy and currently in the cast of Supergirl. This scene is unforgettable and if you want to see it or see it again, the movie is available on Netflix:

3. He does not have much luck in love

Yes, you read correctly ! Officially, Chris Evans is currently single and has never really spoken openly about his love affair in the past. However, we know that he was in a relationship between 2016 and 2018 with actress Jenny Slate, whom he met on the set of the film Gifted. The 37-year-old actor, however, unveiled what he is looking for in a woman. "I like being with a person who has his own things to do.If I am with someone who adopts my life, I feel suffocated," he explained.

4. His salary has increased MUCH

Positive point of the success of Captain America and Avengers movies? Chris Evans earns a lot more money today than he did at the time of the first solo movie centered on his character. According to rumors, the actor would have won only $ 300,000 for Captain America: First Avenger. A salary that has increased well since he would have received $ 7 million for Avengers 2 and $ 15 million (X 2) for Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Over here the money!

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5. He is very close to his family

Chris Evans is the kind of celebrity who fucks her and forget where they come from. On the contrary! The actor is always very close to his family and especially his brother and sisters. He is even regularly accompanied by a member of his family during his appearances on the red carpets with his brother Scott or his sisters Carly and Shanna. The proof in photos:

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