Clamorous Ronaldo, goodbye Alvalade: Sporting ready to name the stadium for him

Sporting Lisbona is ready to name its stadium, the legendary "Alvalade", to the player perhaps most representative of its recent history, the "bianconero" Cristiano Ronaldo. The idea he could have of the incredible comes directly from the patron of the Lusitanian green-and-whites, Frederico Varandas who declares: "It is a hypothesis that we do not dismiss and of which we would obviously be very proud". In short, we will soon be able to see a CR7-Alvalade Arena in the Quinta do Lombert district of the Portuguese capital, in celebration of its brightest champion.


The idea of ​​naming star sports stadium linked to the territory is certainly not new in football, as in other sports. A typical example are the "Giuseppe Meazza" of Milan as well as the "Ferraris" of Genoa or, abroad, the "Johan Cruijff" of Amsterdam or the mythical "Santiago Bernabeu" of Madrid (who, in addition to being a player, was also coach and president of the blancos). Stadiums emblazoned and that bear in their denomination the pride of a character who has united fans of all ages and colors in the name of football. It may be curious to most people to dedicate a sports facility to a champion who is still active. Again it would not be a unicum.


In fact, many champions have been named stadiums (albeit of secondary importance) when they were still playing football. It is the case of Didier Drogba who in Levallois (his first team as a teenager) can boast a field bearing his name, or Fernando Torres at Fuenlabrada and the former Benevento, Bacary Sagna, who in Sens has the local stadium named after him first name. Many examples also include coaches with a "Deschamps" stadium in its original Bayonne, and an "Arsene Wenger" field in the Alsatian town of Duppigheim. Still not enough? How about a stadium named after the "Loco" Bielsa Argentine idol of Rosario to which their fellow citizens have dedicated the Newell's Old Boys facility? Only Pope Bergoglio does better than all of them, to whom two stages are dedicated: that of Fatima and that of San Lorenza de Almagro.

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