Covid-19 : how to prevent the virus

  • AVOID HUGS, HANDSHAKES AND OBVIOUSLY KISSES. Yes, is so obviously but is so simple do this actions cause there are very common things in everyday life.


  • STAY AT HOME FOR HOW MANY TIME POSSIBLE YOU CAN. This is, certain, the key to not being infected. We have to go out only for necessities (shopping at the supermarket, going to the pharmacy, going to work). This is so much important cause for young people isn't easy but if all people doesn't follow this rules the pandemic will not end quickly! 


  • AVOID CROWDED PLACES AND STAY AWAKE HOW MANY POSSIBIBLE FROM PEOPLE (keep 1/2mt distance at least). It is obvious but is so common be in metro, bus or public locals where you have a high possibility to contract this virus by sneezing, coughing or simply and unfortunely when you're talking with people.


  • USE "SURGICAL" MASK AND GLOVES (mostly when you have to go at the supermarket). This is strange for many people but this prevenctions are recommended and they are so much helpful to preserve our health (and our parents, for example).



  • WASH YOUR HANDS AND DISINFECT YOUR HOME AND YOUR THINGS. Wash your hands though a disinfecting gel or an alcolic solution more than one time at days and especially when you go out is important to avoid to infect us by touching our eyes, mouth and also nose (this is, perhaphs,  the way by which virus is diffusing more easier). Disinfect your mobile phone; disinfect your shopping at supermarket may be so hard but you don't know where is this microrganism so is a good way to avoid contagious (disinfect vegetables, fruits with sodium bicarbonate is recommanded) 


  • AVOID TO ENTER AT HOME WITH YOUR SHOES AND YOUR CLOTHES. I know, this is complicated but the virus can be under the shoes on your clothes when you come back to home. 

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