Dress well in the winter when you're a man

Winter is the season when different styles can express themselves considering the various clothes that can be worn. The closet is flooded with pieces made from natural and comfortable materials to protect the body from the cold. Here are some must have men's dressing to make sure you are on top of the latest trends.

Dress well in the winter when you're a man


This category of trendy men's clothing lists coats, overcoats, parkas and rainwear. You do not necessarily need a thick garment if you respect the rule of three layers. This involves wearing basic parts, that is to say, sticking to the skin, insulating parts that trap the air and protective parts, including windbreaks.


This type of menswear is intended to trap heat against the body. The materials used can be:

  • Cotton: thanks to its insulating property and its comfort, it is the ideal material to wear in very cold weather. In addition, cotton prevents you from sweating as soon as the temperature rises. At Izac.co.uk, you'll find sweaters made of cotton of varied shapes and sizes.
  • The wool: also used to isolate the houses, this matter locks the air between its meshes. It thus protects from the cold. Here again, the possibilities are varied. Prefer the turtleneck man to stay warm all day.


This is the actual underwear, including T-shirts and underwear. The choice of the material depends on the practice of physical activity or not.

  • If you do not plan to play sports during the winter, opt for cotton t-shirts to stay warm. In addition to wicking moisture away from moisture, this material insulates heat from the body. You can also opt for linen that performs the same functions as cotton.
  • If you like to walk or ski in winter, put on a merino wool t-shirt that gets wet. This piece is ideally combined with a casual outfit.

For all the clothes listed above, prefer timeless cuts. For coats for example, you can opt for trenches and overcoats. As far as T-shirts are concerned, they prefer arched versions because they help you to keep your body heat despite the cold weather. The sober colors, such as navy blue, gray, khaki and camel are to be preferred.

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