Experts put an end to some sleep-related myths

Sites dedicated to sleep are legion, but their advice is they all to take literally? This is the question that a team of scientists from the New York University School of Medicine wanted to answer, which screened more than 8,000 websites and retained 20 of the most common tips.


Experts put an end to some sleep-related myths

One of the most commonly seen tips is that some people can settle for five hours of sleep a night. This is false and is considered a pure myth by the college of scientists. Dr. Rebecca Robbins, who conducted the study, explained that this idea leads to a high risk of long-term sleep problems.

Another misconception that made them jump is related to snoring. This is a real sleep problem that a website can not solve. Snoring requires a serious medical approach because it can mask sleep apnea.

Another preconceived idea they have denounced is that drinking alcohol helps you fall asleep. If alcohol causes drowsiness, the sleep obtained is nothing to repair. Alcohol reduces the possibility of reaching the deep sleep phase, which the human body needs to function properly.

"Sleep is important for health and there is an urgent need to educate the public about this public health problem. For example, by discussing sleep patterns with their patients, doctors can prevent these myths about sleep from becoming established and increase the risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes, "said Dr. Jean -Louis Girardin.

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To be healthy, specialists advise those who have difficulty sleeping to create a solid diary to get in shape and sleep longer, at least seven hours a night.

The entire study was published in Sleep Health.

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