Fast & Furious 9: Michelle Rodriguez announces her return

It's official, actress Michelle Rodriguez will return in the saga "Fast & Furious" because the production has agreed to hire a writer on the writing team.


Letty will be back in Fast & Furious! Actress Michelle Rodriguez will return for the ninth episode of the saga as she announced in an interview with Bloomberg. Her presence was conditioned by the inclusion of a scriptwriter in the franchise's writing team, an idea that earned her the support of the producers and was finally accepted.

At a press conference in 2017 relayed on AlloCiné, the actress had said about Fast & Furious: "We know what the male characters think and the link [which unites], but I can count on the fingers of How many times do women talk to each other In eight films Who are they You do not care or what? I asked a question, and if it is not answered, our paths will not cross again I'm not imposing anything, I'm asking a question, and I hope they'll answer it. "

It is now done, and the film will present its ninth opus in the French cinemas on May 20, 2020. The majority of the cast will return: Vin Diesel in Dominic Toretto, Jordana Brewster (Mia), Tyrese Gibson (Roman) but also to be a new kid, John Cena, whose presence is not yet confirmed. However, Dwayne Johnson has already left the furious main saga to devote himself to a spin-off on his character coupled to that played by Jason Statham, entitled Hobbs & Shaw, and which promises a fairly uninhibited violence. Released on August 7th.

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