Game of Thrones season 8: the secret of Bran`s gaze unveiled (and it`s funny)

Bran Stark's look haunts you every time you watch an episode of Game of Thrones? It will change. The actor Isaac Hempstead-Wright has just revealed the secret of its design and after discovering it, you will not look at the series in the same way. Warning spoilers.


Since Bran became The Three Eyes Crow in Game of Thrones, Isaac Hempstead-Wright - his performer, has totally transformed his game. Once cheerful, naïve and curious, the Stark now appears cold, closed and constantly focused on something else. as if he spent his time looking in time.

The secret of Bran's gaze unveiled

A new game that has not gone unnoticed and whose mystery has just been revealed by the actor. Asked by Jimmy Kimmel about his secret to get such a piercing and cold look, Isaac Hempstead-Wright simply offered the funnyest answer possible: "I have a very intense look [in the scene in front of Jaime during episode 1 of season 8] mainly because I'm totally blind when I'm on the set, I do not have my glasses or lenses, I need them to see ".

A comedian technique like any other (some snapping nose hairs to cry) that visibly impresses everyone on the set. According to the actor, Sophie Turner - the interpreter of Sansa, was particularly impressed by her look during season 7: "She said to me 'Isaac, your look ... it's as if you see in through my soul. "And I said," Well, it's because I do not see you. "

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We understand better the reasons for his horrible haircut in the series. If he does not see anything on the sets, it is impossible for him to know if he looks like a Playmobil or not ...

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