Gmail will really end up writing emails on our behalf with Smart Compose

Gmail and Smart Artificial Intelligence continue to improve. The email application is now able to determine itself the subject of an email depending on the content of the message. She could already finish our sentences and suggest automatic answers. And good news, all the features of Smart Compose come on all Android smartphones.


Gmail has just celebrated its 15th anniversary. For the occasion, Google has announced some changes to come for messaging, including the Smart Compose feature. From now on, the Artificial Intelligence will be able to write itself the object of the emails based on the analysis of its contents. In short, we will still have less need to dig in the head by writing an email.

Gmail: Smart Compose goes even further and finds the subject of emails by itself based on their content

Smart Compose already allowed us to finish our sentences with a predictive system similar but more advanced than those embedded with our virtual smartphones keyboards. He even offered us straight sentences from the previous messages exchanged and the interlocutor, knowing even with more or less success adapt the polite formulas depending on the situation.

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Google has come a long way since the first announcement of Smart Compose for Gmail, which dates from the 2018 I / O conference. Best of all, the Mountain View company says that the feature is now better supported in French (in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese also). All Android smartphones will be gradually right, while the best of the potential of the AI was reserved for Pixel 3 until now. On iOS, users will have to wait again before they can try it.

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