Gotham season 5: why was Batman so little present in the finale? The answer

The finale of Gotham's Season 5 - and thus the series - marked the first steps of Batman on the screen. Problem, his presence was finally very short. Disappointment ? Yes, but a logical question too. Attention spoilers.


On April 25, the Fox broadcast the final episode of Gotham. Unfortunately, unlike what had been teased for months, the 10-year jump did not really allow us to meet Batman. On the contrary, if the shadow of the Black Knight was indeed present throughout the plot, the alter-ego Bruce Wayne was finally very discreet on the screen, except against Gordon and Selina.

A logical absence

Disappointment ? Yes, but a logical question too. John Stephens - the showrunner, reminded the Hollywood Reporter: "The series never really concerned Batman, but was more centered on the city that created Batman and made these people what they are." Thus, the simple overview of Batou in the last moments of season 5 was consistent with the rest of the series: "In telling their stories and where they were 10 years later, we were telling why Batman should arrive now ".

And as if the message was not clear enough to calm the disappointed, John Stephens then (re) said: "This is the key element that distinguishes our series from everything that has been done before. was still the story of Batman, he was the center of interest, and I think we managed to tell the story of his creation, some of which had never been told before. never been the main focus, it was the city - a city where a young Bruce Wayne was a member and a participant. "

Anyway, we're not going to lie, the real disappointment of the episode was mostly the short life of Gordon's mustache. TREASON!


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