Hair: 12 options to (finally) love them

Rethinking everyday gestures, daring white or very short, refreshing his blond ... Here are our proposals to come to terms with his hairstyle.


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1. Learn about the art of brushing

Considered as the first gesture of care, it can be deleterious for fiber. The hundred brush strokes of our grandmothers to eliminate dust do not really need to be when you wash your hair several times a week. It can be brushed morning and evening, but a dozen passes is largely enough.Other bad reflex, brushing wet hair inherent Brushing which, combined with the heat of the dryer, weakens the fiber. At L'Oreal, studies show that one hundred and twenty brush strokes on wet hair - two Brushing - equate to one thousand five hundred passages on dry hair. This probably explains why, after ten Brushing, one in two hair suggests its cortex (heart of the hair). Olivier Lebrun, creator of the Olab Paris show, recalls the basic rule: "We do not detangle in the shower, but before shampooing, on dry hair, and starting spikes to go back to the root. It also gives the right brushing daily, from top to bottom this time, to redistribute sebum along the fiber and provide shine and volume. Finally, a final recommendation on the choice of the tool: "A flat brush in boar hair or natural silk - less expensive - mounted on a tire to fit the shape of the skull, and with a wooden handle to reduce the phenomenon static electricity. Well maintained, it will keep for life or almost.

2. Wash without stripping

The labs review their formulas and, each in their own way, propose a management of the most sensitive scalps. Some ban controversial detergents (sodium laureth sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate ...) that irritate the scalp, while others rely on new washing bases associated with a minimum of ingredients, to better respect the balance scalp. In addition to the advantage of avoiding itching and possible problems of dandruff, adopting these formulas also guarantees a shiny and light hair. To spread on the skull using a small amount and massaging with the pulp of the fingers. No need to scrub the lengths, they are sufficiently cleaned when the shampoo slips when rinsing.

3. Dare the very short

The trend sweeps through the parades, among the stars and in the street. Today, the ultracourt exceeds the fashion effect. "By cutting his hair, we claim a stronger personality," said Olivier Lebrun. This induces more self-confidence, a new attitude. And, in these times of #metoo, it helps to detach from a femininity sometimes caricaturated excessively. As for the passage to the act, contrary to what is often advocated, it goes free: "The half-measure kills envy. You have to sacrifice its lengths in one step ", continues the specialist. When in doubt, he advises to try small short wigs, or pull his hair back and tie them. If you find yourself pretty, there will be no disappointment. Restrictions ? Have a nice density for a nice volume and ... agree to go more often to the hairdresser! After, it is only happiness: gradually spaced shampoos, very fast drying, revitalizing scalp and styling reduced to a minimum ...

4. Get back to the white

Gently but surely, the movement makes its way: more and more women do not hesitate to wear white or gray hair. On Instagram, the hashtags #greyhairdontcare (more than two hundred thousand publications) or #grombe scrolls women between 40 and 60 years who proudly assume the different stages of their liberating whitening. The desire to get rid of a color often constraining (every three to four weeks, anyway!) So takes the upper hand over that of doing less than his age. Because this is the central question. Not so simple, sometimes ... "The entourage is not always ready and some start coloring reluctantly," says David Lucas (davidlucas, paris). It's a shame, because the effect can be beautiful and bring an extra degree of chic to the pace. No approximation! White is a strong color and must be just as perfect as platinum blonde. "It is necessary that the hair is well cared for, well cut, well worked. If a set blur can be rock'n'roll on another color, it is not about gray, "warns Olivier Lebrun. Clearly, no need to cut them, but the obligation to display a beautiful gradient, nickel points or a long square structured. Care side, you must tame the essential blue pigments and / or purple, ensuring beautiful reflections. The professional advises, for the first time, to mix this type of formula with a shampoo or a traditional care to "dilute" a little pigments and find its perfect dosage.

5. Plumping its fiber

To give a new dimension to hair softened by the winter, head for this new protocol in the living room. His secret? A poultice prepared by the minute and filled with fortifying and thickening active ingredients: proteins of quinoa, keratin, collagen and vitamins B. Mixed for a long time on the locks, then applied for about thirty minutes as needed, it restores the material and elasticity to the hair. Re-Pulp treatment, 150 € with drying (

6. Skip (or not) to the plant coloring

Fabienne Raynier, creator of the Louise XIV * range, advises asking the right questions before starting. "To want natural, what does it mean? Benefit from a more natural product or obtain a natural result? If, in the first case, it is necessary to go, in the second, it is less sure ... "There are renderings that the plant does not allow, because it does not distort the hair," says the specialist. Another question is the blanket of white hair. They can be reduced in transparency on a clear basis, but on a dark chestnut, prepigmentation is necessary. Which works ... or not. Plant coloration, complex and sometimes random, does not obey the rules of traditional coloring. It must also be remembered that the alternation of one to the other is very complicated because of the henna or indigo of the formula. On a hair colored chemically at the beginning, this can generate unpleasant surprises: greenish streaks or different color. We must wait for the regrowth to engage. But "if it is mastered by a hairdresser motivated and validated by a customer who accepts certain concessions, it transforms in six months the hair in a brilliant and magnificent material", rejoices Fabienne Raynier. To each to see. * Vegetable coloring reserved for hairdressers,

7. Release your curls

We love them at last "It is a demand stronger and stronger: women who have curly or wavy hair do not want more Brushing after cutting or coloring," says David Lucas. To display tonic loops (so not foamy) it advises to moisturize thoroughly at the time of shampooing and care, then apply a dab of cream and place his curls to make sense. "After, we do not touch them anymore," he insists. Diffuser drying - a few centimeters away - or, better, in the open air. Make a Brushing just on the locks below? Bad idea: it changes the volume and the perception is unbalanced. But when they are completely dry, you can always take a few iron loops.

8. Have fun too!

And why not pastel hair? Seen on the catwalks next summer (Marc Jacobs, Giambattista Valli), they make you want to try. Provided you adapt the result to your daily life. The total look is not easy to assume, but "such a clarification goes very well on the tips or on a few framing locks of the face", advocates the colorist Christophe Robin. Side formula, we have the choice between the ephemeral spray (the pigments disappear in the first shampoo) or creams during a dozen washes. The touch of the hair is much more natural with the latter. And "if you are afraid that the pigments are too stubborn, reduce a little time of application," advises Christophe Robin. Another idea to wake up her hair? Add glittery or golden effects with the new gel to use on the fingers. In a braid, in roots or on a fringe, it's festive!

9. Handle the vapo

Lack of time is the reason why you skip the conditioner or the mask. But these new mists without rinsing sound the death knell of the bad excuses. Sprayed generously on damp hair, their formulas rich in active ingredients moisturize and protect the fiber. By having the lighter hand, they can also be used daily on dry hair to give them a boost or facilitate styling.

10. Opt for a minimasque

More practical than large format jars, these flexible plastic packages are easy to store in the bathroom or in the travel bag.

11. Wake up her blond

Méché, Californian or platinum ... all are sorely lacking in brilliance. "Always very sensitive, a blond hair reflects poorly light," says David Lucas. Beyond this common need, expectations differ. The more the hair is brightened, the more it is necessary to limit the false reflections with formulas whose pigments correct the yellow, orange or golden effects, inappropriate on so-called cold blondes: generally blues or purples, the same as those recommended to sublimate the White hairs. Californian or Venetian style blondes will opt for golden highlights instead.

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12. Adopt the brush

Clever with two tips (one side brush, one side foam), it allows to deposit the pigmented powder in roots to camouflage the regrowth or prolong a wick effect, but also on sparse areas to visually mitigate the lack of density, and finally on the eyebrows to intensify their definition. Insta Recharge, Wella, 35$ (5 shades)

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