Hawkeye: Jeremy Renner will resume his role in a TV Show on Disney +

The Avengers will gather on April 24 at the cinema for Avengers: Endgame. Missing the third film, Hawkeye played by Jeremy Renner will be back ... and should not die! We have just learned that the actor should resume his role in a planned series on Disney +. Be careful, there is a twist!

Hawkeye: Jeremy Renner will resume his role in a TV Show on Disney +

Only a few weeks of patience before Avengers 4 and yes, Hawkeye will be there. It was in 2011 that Jeremy Renner played for the first time the hero for a cameo in Thor before having a larger role in Avengers, his sequel but also in Captain America: Civil War. After the big screen, place the small screen for the actor!

A tv show on Hawkeye, but not really!

According to Variety, another series centered on a hero of Marvel is in preparation for Disney + which should be officially launched in late 2019. The site explains that a new project has just been launched: that of a series on Hawkeye in which Jeremy Renner would resume his role as Clint Barton. But the actor will not necessarily be at the center of the series: as Variety says, she should tell how Clint passes the baton to Kate Bishop. The latter is known to fans of Marvel comics since it is the first woman to take the name of Hawkeye.

We do not know for the moment who will play Kate in this potential series but it is rumored for a while that the character could be presented in Avengers: Endgame. Will she be played by Katherine Langford, the star of 13 Reasons Why? Following the announcement of his casting, some fans have raised the possibility that the actress plays Kate Bishop. If this is confirmed, the Australian actress should be very busy since she should also be in the cast of Cursed, a new series in preparation for Netflix.

The Avengers who land at Disney+

One thing is for sure: Disney wants to stock up on heroes before the Disney + launch. In addition to this Hawkeye-centric series, three other Avenger-centric projects are planned: a series on Loki with Tom Hiddleston, another on Scarlett Witch with Elizabeth Olsen, and a possible series gathering the Falcon and the Soldier of Winter. Another rumor evokes a possible series centered on Rocket Racoon and Groot. In short, we will not be bored!

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