How to import an Excel file into Google Sheets

Google Drive, and its webapps like Google Sheets and Googl Docs allow to import Excel documents saved by the official application of the Microsoft Office suite. The advantage is twofold: it is thus possible to view and edit these files for free, but also to convert them to OpenDocument format, PDF, HTML page, CSV and TSV. We explain everything in this quick tutorial!


We sent you an Excel file but you can not open it? Or do you want to convert a spreadsheet into another open format or PDF? Call Google Drive to the rescue! Since this free service from the US firm exists, no need to install an evaluation version of the Office suite or a free alternative like LibreOffice: you can do anything on any computer without installing anything. Not content to be free, this solution is also compatible with the most used spreadsheets on the market. You can open their files, edit them, and even convert them for easier sharing.

Google Sheets: How to Import an Excel Document

It's extremely simple:

  • Go to from your browser and create a Google Account if you do not already have one (normally if you have a Gmail address, it's good)
  • Get the Excel document (.xls or .xlsx) to import
  • In Google Drive at the top left click on + to open the menu
  • Click Import File, choose your Excel file in the dialog box and validate
  • You can also drag it directly into the My Drive tree below the +
  • Go My Drive fans and right click on the imported file
  • Choose Open with> Google Sheets

Your file has turned into a classic Google Sheets. You can edit it, share it with other people with a link, or other Google Drive users, collaborate on it ... but also export it to the format of your choice. For that :

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You can then choose to make it a classic Excel file (.xlsx) as if you had edited it in Microsoft Office. Or an OpenDocument (.odt), PDF (.pdf), HTML (.zip archive), .csv or .tsv file. Do you use the Google Drive suite as an alternative to Microsoft Office? Share your feedback in the comments.

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