In psychological distress, Britney Spears cares for better return

While fans are worried about their idol, a source close to Britney Spears reaffirmed to the magazine "People" that the singer interned in psychiatric hospital did everything to get better.

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In psychological distress, Britney Spears cares for better return

Earlier this week, thousands of Britney Spears fans launched the #FreeBritney hasthag on social media, believing their idol was forced into a mental hospital. On Friday, a source close to the star gave his news to the magazine "People". "She wants to be fine so that she can be with her sons and resume her shows. She has the right to take time for herself and for her mental health, no matter the reason, "it was reported. A few weeks ago, the singer's entourage, then "in emotional distress," announced that she had decided to get help. It was explained that "Brit Brit" was no longer able to cope with the serious health problems of his father - who took her under his tutelage in 2007 after his descent into hell - a victim of a rupture of the colon.

According to the source interviewed by "People", when her father was taken care of at the hospital the first time, Britney Spears "was absolutely devastated and so worried that she was no longer facing". In January, the star announced the cancellation of his future residence in Las Vegas because of his father's health problems. "To ask her to continue her shows in Las Vegas when she was worried about her father is something that no one in love with could ask," the man said.

Are the fans reassured?

Do these comments follow the distressing rumor shared by his admirers? According to them, she was forcibly interned at her father's request because she refused to take her medication for depression and bipolarity. On Tuesday, Lynne Spears, Britney's mother, provoked - a bit in spite of it - a new wave of speculations by publishing an enigmatic photo on Instagram. "When the soldiers of God are on the ground, the battle is not over, it is just beginning," reads the picture with the caption "That's it, faith." A priori nothing abnormal when you know the difficult passage that the Spears family is going through right now. But this is a comment in particular, "liked" by Lynne Spears, which makes fans wonder: "I really hope you support Britney in his fight to end his tutelage. I really hope your sick ex-husband does not keep her against her will somewhere. "

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"The most important thing is that Britney feels better," the source told People. What reassure the fans?

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