Jason Momoa says goodbye to Khal Drogo, Aquaman and his beard

Every year, men from around the world decide not to shave on various occasions. The best known are the "Movember" and the "No-Shave November", which aim to raise public awareness and raise funds for research against male diseases such as prostate cancer. In a video released this Wednesday, April 17, Jason Momoa decided to do the opposite and shave, for the first time since 2012.


In addition to the goodbyes made to his roles as Khal Drogo, in the Game of Thrones series, and Arthur Curry, in the movie Aquaman, Momoa wants above all to sensitize the general public to the pollution of our planet by the plastic.

The video was posted on YouTube as part of the actor's collaboration with officials of the Ball Corporation to promote a new range of can water, the container of which is made of "100% recyclable" aluminum. .

The goal is to encourage the public to change their habits and become more respectful of the environment by replacing plastic bottles with recyclable cans.

"I just want to do that to educate people, because plastics kill our planet and I think we have a solution," said the star. I do not want to piss you off with that, but there is only one thing that can really help our planet and save it, as long as we recycle it, it's aluminum. About 75% of aluminum is still used today. It is 100% recyclable. You drink the can and you will find it in about 60 days. One hundred percent. Recyclable to infinity. "

Jason Momoa revealed that he had been working on this project for two months.

"It's just water, but it makes me feel good," said the father of two. I know I'm going to recycle all that and I know we can recycle it. So, please, a change is coming. Aluminum. We must get rid of these plastic water bottles. Aquaman tries to do his best. For your children, for my children, for the world. Clean the oceans, clean the earth, "he concluded.

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