Kim Kardashian can win $1 million ... for a single Instagram post

With only one post on Instagram, Kim Kardashian can not only blow up the counters of likes, but not that. Indeed, the wife of Kanye West could be up to $ 1 million for a simple post on the social network. An astronomical sum, even for an influencer.


Kim K, Queen of Product Investments

While reality TV candidates and influencers post regular product placements, Kim Kardashian does not need to publish them often. With only one per year, North, Saint and Chicago's mom can afford luxury travel, go shopping and even buy a villa. Indeed, TMZ has obtained legal documents from the businesswoman and has revealed that it would be up to $ 1 million for a single Instagram post. This is called a good salary for a simple photo published with a legend!

With 136 million subscribers on Insta, Kim Kardashian attracts many brands but only those who can pay a max have the chance to work with her. Initially, the tabloid had written that Kanye West's wife would earn "only" between $ 300,000 and $ 500,000 per post on the social network. But the site has updated its article saying that it would be $ 1 million that the star could ask.

She's claiming $ 5 million for a lawsuit

A salary that seems crazy but realistic since the one who is going to have a fourth child had herself admitted to having refused $ 1 million to promote a brand that would have copied a room of her husband. The latter, thanking her for saying no to this high-paying advertisement, then made a transfer of the same amount of money to his wife.

TMZ conducted its investigation into a lawsuit between Kim Kardashian and a ready-to-wear brand. The contouring pro accused Missguided USA of using her image for commercial purposes. It claims besides 5 million dollars to the label which would not have reacted to its previous legal steps.

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