Leaving Neverland: The director admits an accuser lied

A biographer of Michael Jackson noted Tuesday, April 2, 2019 an inconsistency in the testimony of James Safechuck, on which relies in part the documentary "Leaving Neverland".

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The veracity of one of Leaving Neverland's testimonies in question. The documentary broadcast on M6 is based on the raw and compelling testimonials of Wade Robson and James Safechuck , who describe Michael Jackson's psychological grip as children, as well as multiple sexual assaults and repeated rapes. But his director, Dan Reed, admitted that something could cast doubt on some of James Safechuck's testimony.


In the documentary, he says he was sexually assaulted by Michael Jackson at Neverland Station . However, one of the biographers of the king of pop, Mike Smallcombe, ensures that this scene could not have happened. By the time this aggression took place, this station was not yet built. As evidenced by a building permit issued by the biographer, the station was inaugurated in 1994, and James Safechuck said he abused by Michael Jackson until he was 14, until 1992.

As Dan Reed, the director of the film, says, if this seems wrong, he does not question the veracity of the entire testimony of James Safechuck. " He was present at Neverland during and after the construction of the station, James Safechuck took pictures of this station, which I checked for authenticity.That does not impact his testimony, evidence that Michael Jackson committed these assaults multiple times, in multiple places, "he said.

Yet Dan Reed seemed certain of what he said in Leaving Neverland . He told the Parisian he had investigated for more than two years , and hammered that he had " made a real investigation, interviewed police and investigators ". " It's not on the screen, but everything fits, " he said. Is it enough to question Leaving Neverland's accusations ?

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