Lucifer season 4: the release date unveiled with a very hot teaser

The sexiest of the devils is back soon! After being canceled by FOX and saved by Netflix, Lucifer is preparing to make his comeback with his season 4 and we will not complain! The platform has just announced the release date of the new episodes with a very hot teaser where we find - obviously - Tom Ellis. It'll be hot !

Lucifer season 4: the release date unveiled with a very hot teaser

It was one of the miracles of spring. On May 11, FOX announced it was canceling Lucifer after three seasons. The fans were immediately behind the series, very popular on social networks, to push a chain or a platform to give it a season 4. After many weeks of doubts and false joys, it's finally Netflix who decided to save the show with Tom Ellis and Lauren German.

Season 4 of Lucifer arrives on ...

It is therefore less than a year after saving the series that Netflix will broadcast the 10 episodes of season 4 of Lucifer. After teasing an impending announcement via a video with the actors posted last Friday, it's another teaser that unveiled the release date. "Season 4 arrives on Netflix in 666 hours" teased the See What's Next account. No need to take out your laptop, we did the math: the series will be back on May 8th! Perfect for a binge-watch thanks to the holiday!

The teaser put all the sex appeal of Tom Ellis who embodies Lucifer Morningstar since he appears shirtless out of a pool. In the past, the actor had already hinted that the episodes will be sexier. "There were some restrictions before that prevented us from doing what we wanted because we were on a network, for example, stuff like my butt was not allowed to air, and many people want to see my buttocks. So there's a lot of shots on buttocks this year, there will be a lot of them, "he said, adding that he was quite comfortable with such scenes. We will not complain !

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