Men`s haircut: 5 mistakes to avoid at all costs

Discover all our tips and tricks to avoid male hair loss.

Men's haircut: 5 mistakes to avoid at all costs

1 / Adopt a cut that does not suit you

Want to test the undercut cut like David Beckham? Be sure to always check with your hair stylist if this cut will really fit you. Depending on your hair nature (smooth, curly, frizzy) but also the shape of your face, some cuts will go to you and others not at all. Listen to the advice of the professional before succumbing to trendy cuts.

2 / Do not take care of your long hair

Long cuts can go to many men, provided they take care of it. Exit forks and fat roots. As for women, you will have to go regularly to your hairdresser to cut the damaged tips. Also remember to care at least once a week to maintain their shine and flexibility.

3 / Hide her baldness

Hair loss in men remains a taboo subject. So much so that some do not assume and prefer to adopt a cut "fig leaf": the hair is folded somehow on problem areas. This is actually the best way to focus on baldness. So, without being able to make hair implants, adopt a haircut that does not need a lot of material: a gradient to white, the military cut or a short ruffled cut.

4 / Never change the cut

It's been more than ten years since you've changed haircuts? Dare to innovate! During your next visit to the hairdresser, ask him what could be best for you. You may be surprised at the answer!

5 / Completely shave favorites

The legs of hair structure your cut, so take care of it! With the scissors or the mower, cut the material to keep only two to three millimeters of hair. Regarding their length, they must stop at the bottom of the ears to remain elegant.

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