Mpow 059 Matte Lightweight Version Bluetooth Headphones

The Mpow 059 Bluetooth HiFi Sound Headset, with its CSR audio chip in conjunction with the CVC 6.0 noise reduction technology, will guarantee you unbeatable conversational quality. You can feel every sound and subtle movement as if it were emotionally real.

Mpow 059 Matte Lightweight Version Bluetooth Headphones

Hands-Free Headset:

The new Mpow 059 headphones are ideal for those who love music and communication, as it acts perfectly as a hands-free, ideal for watching TV, videos, playing video games, among many other activities. They are the perfect companion to have a great listening experience. These wireless headphones feature a Bluetooth HI-FI Audio technology, which guarantees the best sound we can find in the market.

It is the latest in sound technology, has a microchip called CSR that is responsible for reducing external sound so that nothing distracts from listening to music or audios. It is excellent when playing highs and lows; you will not miss any detail.

Comfortable Design:

Despite their large size, they are extremely comfortable to wear. They have a headband shape that adapts to the size of the head of who owns them; in addition, the ear cushions are quite comfortable and soft to the touch. It has good material, since not only are you looking for a headset that gives a good sound, but it is durable. Well, the Mpow 059 is made with stainless steel so you'll have hearing aids for a while.

Battery Life:

Another aspect that we must highlight is the long duration of its battery since you can use them for more than 20 hours continuously and even have long conversations of up to more than 15 hours, with an incredible sound. Once the battery runs out we can charge it, since inside its accessories you will find a USB cable that works as a charger, in less than 8 hours you will have your device fully charged and you will be able to enjoy its sound quality again.

Sound-Connection Relationship:

Regarding the sound performance, the Mpow 059 is equipped with the driver in the helmets, buttons easy to use, the possibility of being used in two modes: wireless mode, for connections and continuous playback, includes a cable to be paired to devices with 3.5 mm audio cable, saving battery.

On the other hand, the headphones have an integrated CSR chip, compatible with aptX audio, in conjunction with Qualcomm CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology, giving a pure sound experience, without external or internal interference.

In the matter of wireless connection, these headphones can be paired to mobile devices, tablets or PC via Bluetooth, able to also connect to Smart TV and offer hi-fi quality audio, data transfer, and passive isolation.

The signal latency for connection is precise and can vary its range depending on the device. Compatible televisions can be up to five meters without interference, resulting in an acceptable option for video games, movies, series and music in different formats.


· Good autonomy.

· Excellent sound quality.

· Good price.

· Lightweight.


· Bulky design. 



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