One Punch Man: Did you know that originally the series was a web-manga?

Long before becoming a successful manga (1.8 million copies sold) and an animated series, "One Punch Man" was a web-series published by an author then totally unknown to the public: ONE.

One Punch Man

That the animated series One Punch Man is adapted from the manga of the same name will probably surprise no one, but did you know that before becoming a bestseller in bookstores (1.8 million copies sold in the world), the series was a web-manga published on his blog by an anonymous author hiding behind the pseudonym of ONE?

Published since 2009 on his blog titled Galaxy HeavyBlow (gigantic explosion of the galaxy in French, ed), One Punch Man tells the story of the atypical superhero Saitama, so powerful that a single shot is enough to overcome his enemies. Designed and designed "for pleasure", that is to say without a publisher, the series is gradually becoming a phenomenon, gathering tens of thousands of people every day on ONE's blog.

A craze that will then attract the interest of Weekly Shonen Jump, the famous weekly manga, who decided to launch in its web version (the Tonari no Young Jump) a remake of One Punch Man designed by YĆ«suke Murata, made famous by the Eyeshield manga 21 but also for having attended Takeshi Obata on the Death Note series.

ONE's quirky universe perfectly matches Murata's designs, the "new" One Punch Man series is also a success story with the following: nearly two million copies sold, derivative products that gradually invade the market but also - and most importantly - an animated series (broadcast at home of the second season in simulcast on the platform DNA and the chain J-One).

As for ONE, still involved in his blog, we owe him another offbeat series entitled Mob Psycho 100 (9 volumes available to Kurokawa Editions), whose adaptation in drama is broadcast on Netflix.

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