Peak players for Call Of Duty Warzone

After a dark period and on the edge of the precipice, it seems that the COD saga has returned to theĀ  top of the most played video games at the moment. After the most recent Call of Duty Modern Warfare has been positively received by the public and critics, Activision has released Call of Duty Warzone, another stand alone title that offers a battle royale COD, a move skilled following the launching methods of the latest Battle Royale video games.

The latter title has made excellent results after only a itmonth since the launch, with well over 50 million active players according to the data updated to 10 April. Thanks to the free battle royale, Call of Duty Modern Warfare has also benefited, marking an overall increase in players of 159%, reaching 62.7 million players according to data collected by SuperData.


Although Warzone can be played stand alone, it is also possible to access it as a separate mode by starting Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Both titles also share the Battle Pass progression. A definitely winning move that activated by Activision and that is bringing the FPS saga back to a shine that it had not had for some time. The development team also stated that there is an intention to add an anti -eat system to the Call of Duty Warzone, so as to guarantee the fairest game possible for all fans. If you have just started playing Warzone, then our complete guide to the battle royale branded COD will certainly be convenient for you. What do you think of the success that the two most recent Call of Duty are receiving?

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