Pedicure: 5 tips for pretty feet all year long

To sand, to file, to erase, to moisturize then to varnish: the gestures to take care of the feet are numerous. Here are our tips for a pedicure at the top!


To be beautiful from head to toe, do not neglect these. In winter as in summer, we must pamper them. For the arrival of sunny days, we are ready to draw them! Here are 5 tips for pretty feet all year long.

Pedicure: how to sand

The skin, too much used daily, forms the horn to protect itself. To solve the problem, it is necessary to sand. A manual or electric grater will eliminate the excess skin that bothers us, and give the foot its graceful appearance!

Pedicure: how to properly limer

Many of us tend to neglect the shape of their nails during the winter. It's a big mistake! Whatever the season, it is important to maintain the shape of the nail by filing it. It is by being rigorous that our nails will be at the top in the summer.

Pedicure: eradicating one's feet

For a soft and sublimated skin, we also erase the skin of our feet! Even if we do not necessarily have the reflex, we must do it at least once a month. The scrub smoothes roughness, fight against dead skin and calluses.

Pedicure: hydrate your feet

To hydrate our feet, we use a mask or a cream provided for this purpose. They can nourish our feet and keep them soft and soft. The skin of the foot is thick and naturally dry. It is therefore very important to moisturize it at least once a week.

Pedicure: how to put nail polish

After taking care of our nails and our feet all winter, we go to nail polish. Made at home or in an institute, the nail polish is the final touch of pedicure. To be beautiful to the end of the toes!

Note to lovers of semi-permanent nail polish: we space poses about three weeks to not damage our nails.

The plus: the beauty of Japanese feet

Made in an institute, the beauty of Japanese feet is recommended for those whose nails are damaged or fragile. It consists of penetrating vitamins inside the nail: a real detox cure based on vitamin A, beeswax, olive vegetable squalane and freshwater pearl powder, rich in calcium. The circulation of the blood and the growth of the nail are stimulated. The result: a polished, polished nail, without the need for polish.


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