Physical activity during pregnancy could protect babies against obesity

Future moms, do you want to make sure your future child is not obese? Play sports during your pregnancy. This is the conclusion of a study by researchers at Washington State University that the shape of a pregnant mother would have a decisive impact on that of their children.


Physical activity during pregnancy could protect babies against obesity

For their work, the scientists used mice that were expecting cubs, which they subjected to different levels of physical activity. At the birth of the babies, and after a weaning period of 8 weeks, all the little ones were fed on a diet rich in fats. And unsurprisingly, the little ones whose mothers had been the most active during gestation were the ones who best withstand obesity-related diseases like diabetes.

"Based on our findings, we recommend that women, whether obese and diabetic, or not exercise regularly, will improve the metabolic health of their children. Said Jun Seok Son, in charge of the study.

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The results of the work were published in a conference of the American Physiological Society.

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