Safari now blocks third-party cookies by default.

The new Safari 13.1 release has recently received an improved Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) tracking protection feature. From now on, the browser blocks all third-party cookies by default. That is, advertising and analytic firms will no longer be able to use cookies to track user activity in the browser.


Prior to this innovation, Safari had already blocked most of the third-party cookies used to track user visits to sites.

“This change is not as big as it seems. However, we have added so many innovations to ITP since the release of the function in 2017 that by now most third-party cookies have already been blocked in Safari, ”said Apple software engineer John Wilander.

Safari is now the second browser after Tor, blocking all third-party cookies by default. Although Apple was one of the first to add this feature to its browser, Google prompted Google browser makers to take this step in May 2019. Then the company announced its intention to block third-party cookies by default in Chrome and Chromium projects. Based on the Chromium engine, Microsoft Edge is running. The browser blocks third-party cookies, but blocking is not enabled by default.

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