Soon water machines, 5 thousand kilometers with 5 liters

A progressive vehicle overall thought, which has been incorporated by specialist Lorenzo Enrico. 



Soon water machines, 5 thousand kilometers with 5 liters

Soon water machines, 5 thousand kilometers with 5 liters Its motivation is to think about a vehicle motor, which is completely provided with water. 

A fantasy that appears to be unrealizable, yet for which, the Italian designer has never been conveyed. 

Everything begins from the water's arrangement : from fills, for example, oxygen and from an oxidizer, for example, hydrogen. 

Enrico searches out a strategy to separate hydrogen from water and use it as a wellspring of vitality that can devour close to nothing. 

The man, conceived in the territory of Lecce, Italy, chose to actualize his thought called 'Hydromoving Technology' in a Nissan 370 vehicle, nicknamed Z-Hydro in this specific element. 

Everything is actualized, on account of water the rain will bring lovely investment funds for each one of the individuals who claimed such a vehicle.

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