Sophie Turner of "Game of Thrones": Sansa Stark confides on her depression

At just 14 years old, Sophie Turner became a star as Sansa Stark in the Game of Thrones series. Target of many critics on social networks, the actress has a depression.


Growing in the spotlight is often difficult for the stars. Sophie Turner has experienced this. The actress was revealed to the general public at only 14 years old by playing Sansa Stark in the "Game of Thrones" series. In an interview for US director Dr. Phil's "Phil in the Blanks" podcast, Joe Jonas' fiancée confided in the consequences of his sudden notoriety. Exposed to criticism on social networks, the young woman has very badly lived its passage from childhood to adolescence. "At age 17, with puberty, I gained weight, things started to become difficult. Every week, I read comments about my character 'Oh Sansa still has 5 kilos' ... There were a lot of messages on my weight, my skin or my lack of talent. I believed it, "Sophie Turner told Dr. Phil. Fragilized by attacks on her physique, Sansa Stark's interpreter became obsessed with her appearance: "On the set, I was tightening my corset. I started to worry about the angles of the camera because of my big nose. At one point, I could not even put myself in the shoes of my character so I was concerned by Sophie. I did a little less good work, "she said, with a lot of hindsight and lucidity.


The criticisms that she has been subjected to have had an impact on her professional life but also on her morale and her social life. "I did not even want to see my best friends. I kept crying, "she told Dr. Phil. In depression, the young actress could not even get dressed: "I said to myself 'I can not do it. I can not go out. There is nothing I want to do ''.

Today, Turner says she's better. She was able to count on the support of her fiancé Joe Jonas, who helped her out of her depression. "I am in therapy and under treatment. I love me a little now. And I am with someone who makes me understand that I have qualities. When someone says 'I love you' every day, you end up saying that there must be a reason, "she said. Another element that allowed her to move forward: she no longer reads comments on social networks. And she is right !

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