Summary of how SEO Blogspot occupies the top of Google

Summary of how SEO Blogspot occupies the top of Google

SEO Blogspot is not too strange with bloggers in recent years, a very good free SEO support blog why don't you take advantage of it? Many bloggers use blogspot to perform extremely effective SEO campaigns, Blogspot is no longer a satellite 2.0 site as it used to be, but can be considered an extremely powerful SEO web design source. So the steps to optimize SEO for Blogspot and SEO Blogspot how to take over Google.


This article I will summarize how SEO blogspot step by step so you can easily follow and optimize for your blog. I take the title 365 meaning that will continue to update this article continuously for 365 days of 2018. So please follow and support offline.

Summary of steps effective SEO blogspot

Please read step by step and follow to optimize for your blog, note that although this is a free blog but do so enthusiastically you will see its effectiveness.

1. Choose a template for your blogspot template

This is an important step, the template is the interface of your face on the internet, so you need to choose the right interface for the field you need to build, besides the blogspot template also needs to ensure flexible utility support. Template is very important in how effective SEO Blogspot.

I introduce some pages that provide blogspot template below you can refer to:

- (here are many diverse templates field)

- (unique and unique template provider)

- (many templates are converted from wordpress source so SEO is very good)




Many real estate website design projects also used templates here to implement for customers, many quality templates, easy to use.

2. Optimize important Onpage tags title, meta description, meta keyword.

Title and description tags are very important in Onpage SEO, these are the must-have tags if you want to be effective in SEO Blog, meta keyword tags are no longer as important as before, you can add or not. My opinion, with wordpress or blogspot, does not need meta keyword tags.


The title is the title displayed in the search results and the description is a brief description of the article content, the title is usually 7 to 12 words long, and the description is according to the latest update google is displaying the long description. double the characters before, so it's best to write a descriptive search of 300 characters.

3. Optimize heading tags for blogspot from H1, H2, H3


Heading tags, you just need to pay attention to the card with the smallest number is the most important. Example H1 is the most important tag in SEO, so the article title should often be H1. H2 and H3 are often included in the article with the subheadings

4. Create a Sitemap for Blogspot for better SEO

Sitemap is a sitemap, google spiders will read your site over here, a site with clear and coherent diagrams will help google appreciate and put blogspot on the top of Google.

Here you create a sitemap and submit it to google webmaster tools. You register Google webmaster tools with your gmail account then go to the sitemap and submit with the code below.


"atom.xml? redirect = false & start-index = 1 & max-results = 500"

5. Create robots.txt file to optimize SEO for Blogspot

The steps to create a robots file are as follows:

B1: Log in to Blogspot

B2: Drag down the lower left hand side to "Settings"

B3: Select "Search options" in the settings menu

B4: Select "Crawler and Index" on the right hand side of Search Options

B5: Select "Custom robots.txt" >> "Enable custom robots.txt content"

B6: Copy the code below into the text field and then click "save"

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google


User-agent: *

Allow: /

Disallow: / search

Disallow: / *? Updated-max = *


Disallow: * archive.html

6. Create Breacrumb for beautiful professional blogspot


Breacrumb is a link that tells you where you are on the site, which category you are browsing, and Google loves a user-friendly website. This is the optimal SEO step for Blogspot to be concerned in the current SEO Blogspot.

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