The 100 season 6: the series already renewed for a season 7!

While the season 6 of The 100 only starts on April 30, 2019 on the CW, in the United States, the American channel has just made a big announcement: the series worn by Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley or Marie Avgeropoulos is renewed for a season 7! But this rapid renewal would not hide bad news?


The arrival of Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, Raven, Murphy and the others on the new planet, Sanctum, starts on April 30th. Only a few days to wait, but in view of the explosive trailer we are sure it's worth the wait. In any case, season 6 of The 100 will not be easy for our heroes since they will end up in danger in this new place where madness reigns: "every time these planets line up, an eclipse causes psychoses, "said Jason Rothenberg, the showrunner. It promises !

A season 7 for The 100!

And while this season has not yet started on the CW in the United States, fans wonder if the series worn by Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley will be entitled to a season 7. According to Shannon Kook, Interpreter of Jordan, and Jason Rothenberg, it is quite possible that The 100 still continues a bit. Well, today we are able to confirm that the American show will continue well into 2020.

As announced by the CW, The 100 has just been renewed for a season 7: "I am honored to announce that The 100 is entitled to a season 7. This decision is daring because the season 6 has not The whole team of the series is honored and marveled by this decision.Thank you! ", posted the showrunner on Twitter. An ad that illuminated the day of the fans!

The 100 season 6: the series already renewed for a season 7!

The 100 season 6: the series already renewed for a season 7!

A spin-off in preparation?

But are they right to rejoice so quickly? According to TV Line news, this hyper-fast renewal, when season 6 has not yet started, would in fact announce the end of The 100. An experience already experienced by Agents of SHIELD. if the series were to end, the universe could well continue with a spin-off.

"I think I'd like to see a spin-off that starts the day the first bomble breaks out, and it's going to be around all those people who have become" natives ", those who have survived, and we would tell their daily lives. Maybe we're working on something ... I can not talk about it, if I do, I'll have problems, "said Richard Harmon (Murphy) at the 2019 WonderCon.

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