The best goalkeepers of 2020

# Good evening everyone today we will talk about the best goalkeepers currently in circulation


The Arsenal goalkeeper is certainly one of the most improved players of the last few years. Starting with the attributes of leader and absolute star, he then saw his performance drop, and then finally recovered once the Gunners' tunic was worn. Will this be the season of consecration?

POSITION NUMBER 9 Thibaut Courtois

Curtois is probably no longer the super goalkeeper of the past years, but he remains one of the most impressive athletes in his role, as well as an element of great security. It is probably experiencing the negative energy of a club far from the glories of past years.

POSITION NUMBER 8 Samir Handanovic

The super goalkeeper of Inter looks a bit like good wine: the older he gets, the better he becomes and, in this case, stronger. The current season started in the best way, and more than once the Slovenian goalkeeper has already made himself the protagonist of numerous incredible interventions or excellent matches, testifying to how important it is for his club and how much it can make the difference between the goalkeepers


Lloris is probably the "least talented" player in the goalkeepers package. It is clear, he is still a great player but perhaps, compared to the others, he has never shown that superstar flicker. He made up for it with hard work, of course, and it shows. Excellent professional!


A bit like for Curtois, Neuer's performance in the last few years has dropped significantly. Here, however, the motivation is clearer: accidents. the German high defender had to stop several times, which inevitably altered his work on the pitch. However, he remains one of the best goalkeepers ever, and this figure will never change.

POSITION NUMBER 5 Marc andre ter-stegen

Probably the one who benefited the most from the drop in Neur. Ter-Stegen, between ups and downs, has finally managed to become one of the most reliable defenders in the world, as well as the goalkeeper of the German national team. Lucky and good!


The growth of the Brazilian goalkeeper of the City is absolutely sensational. Arrived by chance and found himself just as by chance, he quickly became one of the strongest goalkeepers ever, both for talent and for application and performance. Besides, he's only 26.


The other superstar goalkeeper from Slovenia. The granite defender of the “Colchoneros” goalposts becomes stronger and more reliable every year, thus standing as the absolute leader of both his team and the Slovenian national team (the same as Handa). A real predestined and, even in his case, only 26 springs on his shoulders. Monstrous!


The giant Spanish goalkeeper from United is perhaps one of the few reasons to be happy with the English team in recent years. Talent, class and an endless application make the vice captain of the Reds a bright and never taming star.


He could only be at the top of the standings (although the overall overall is identical to that of De Gea and Oblak). He wins the palm of the best goalkeeper: Alisson Becker, former Roma goalkeeper and sensational gatekeeper of the reigning European champions (Liverpool). Agility, incredible reflexes, a sense of position out of the ordinary: a better goalkeeper, probably, has yet to be born!



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