The CIA is looking to recruit on Instagram!

There will be photos but no selfies of agents on a secret mission: the CIA inaugurated Thursday its Instagram account.


The US intelligence agency has so far published only a photo on the social network, that of a desk and a chair. Pell-mĂȘle, we can see foreign currency, a wig, a notebook.

Near the wall, these words: "I want to travel around the world".

This new account is part of the agency's efforts to recruit younger agents and analysts. Instagram is one way to achieve this end: most of its regular users are under 30 years old.

"We seek to arouse the curiosity of Instagram users about the many ways in which the CIA mission takes us to where others can not go and makes us do what others can not do." says the agency in a statement.

"Through this account, we will give an overview of the life of the agency, but we can not promise selfies taken in secret places," the CIA added.

The agency had already launched its Twitter account in 2014 with humor. His first message: "We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet".

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