The huge contract Beyoncé signed with Netflix

Singer Beyoncé and Netflix signed an agreement for three projects totaling $ 60 million.


Netflix delighted Beyoncé fans with "Homecoming". This documentary, piloted by "Queen B" and released on April 17, takes a look behind the scenes of its concert at the Coachella festival in 2018 and reveals the intimacy of the star. It is the first of three projects that the performer of "If I was a boy" concocts with the streaming platform. A lucrative contract that would have earned no less than 60 million euros [more than 53 million euros] to the star of 37 years, writes "Variety". Just the documentary "Homecoming" would have allowed him to pocket $ 20 million.

A personal fortune estimated at $355 million

The HBO "Game of Thrones" channel was also in the running to broadcast Jay-Z's wife's movie - with which she has already collaborated in the past - but was overtaken by Netflix who made a cash offer to which she could not line up, writes the Vulture website.

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Beyoncé was the third most paid singer in 2018 with $ 60 million of revenue according to "Forbes". The American magazine estimated that year the personal fortune of the singer to 355 million dollars.

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