The most beautiful princesses in the world

1. Mary of Denmark


Mary of Denmark is the wife of Prince Frederick, heir to the throne of the country. Born in Australia, Mary met her future husband in a Sydney club and it was she who first represented the first "fairy tale" long before Kate Middleton. The royal couple now has four children together.

2. Zara of Great Britain


Zara is Queen Elizabeth's second-oldest granddaughter and is married to former British rugby player Mike Tindall. British rider, she won the silver medal at the London Olympics in one of the riding events. She is 17th in the order of succession.

3. Victoria of Sweden


Her title went from duchess to princess (heiress, therefore) in 1980, when a law reforming access to the throne was passed to suppress male primogeniture. She is one of the only female heirs in the world.

4. Rania of Jordan


Queen Rania of Jordan is known for her work on education, health, youth and communication between the different communities of her country. A mother of four (two boys and two girls) with her husband, King Abdullah bin al-Hussein, she graduated from the University of Rome with a Master's Degree in International Cooperation and Development.

5. Letizia of Spain

Queen Letizia of Spain is one of the favorite royal personalities of fashion fans.


A recognized journalist before her marriage to King Felipe in 2004, she was named 2015 Ambassador of Nutrition for the Food and Agriculture Organization at the United Nations.

6. Eugenie of Great Britain

Princess Eugenie of Great Britain is ninth in the order of succession after Queen Elizabeth, her grandmother.


She currently works as associate director of an art gallery in London. She also lived in New York City for a year to work in the business before moving back to London.

7. Charlene og Monaco

Charlene of Monaco is a former international sportswoman. She also participated in the Olympics before marrying Prince Albert in July 2011. However, the day of the wedding did not go so easily as it was believed.


After the ceremony, it was learned that Charlene had tried to cancel the ceremony and run away three times before everything started. In spite of that, the couple is still married today and seems to live happily. She is now Monaco's Special Olympics Ambassador and represents a fashion icon in high society. The couple has two children, heirs to the Monaco throne, Jacques and Gabriella.

8. Clotilde Courau of Venice

Clotilde Courau, Princess of Venice, is a French actress awarded and elevated to the rank of Chevalier des Arts et Lettres in France.


She married in 2003 with the Prince of Venice and both have two children together. At the time of her marriage to Rome, she was a fairly controversial bride because she was six months pregnant with her first child.

9. Charlotte of Monaco

Charlotte de Monaco is eighth in the order of succession of the Monegasque throne.


Her maternal grandmother was the former Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, and her name is her paternal grandmother, the Duchess of Valentinios. She has a very strong control over her private life, even though her love stories often make headlines.


She had a son out of wedlock with actor Gad Elmaleh in 2013, but the two have since separated. Rumor has it that the cause of their separation is related to Gad's busy agenda and his apparent lack of willingness to spend time with Charlotte and their son. Today, she is in a relationship with producer Dimitri Rassam with whom she had a second son last year.

10. Theodora of Greece and Denmark


Theodora is a Greek and Danish princess, descended from both lineages. She works as an actress and has made a long filmography under the stage name of Theodora Greece. She lives in Los Angeles, California today.

11. Maxima of the Netherlands


Maxima of the Netherlands is the first queen consort since the 1890s. She is married to King Willem-Alexander and both have three daughters together. She is also the first queen consort not to come from the country. She was even born outside of Europe, in Argentina.

12. Madeleine of Sweden

Princess Madeleine of Sweden, also known as the Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland.


At the time of her birth, she was third in the order of succession to the throne but has now been demoted to sixth place after the birth of three nephews and nieces. She is known as one of the most beautiful women in the world and a philanthropist dedicated to fighting child abuse.



Beautiful as she is, she has also lived complicated love stories. In 2011, her marriage was canceled after it was revealed that her fiance had an affair with a 21-year-old woman. Madeleine has since found her Prince Charming and got married in 2013.

13. Mathilde of Belgium

Queen Mathilde of Belgiue is married to King Philip and is the first queen born in Belgium and noble by birth.


She speaks four languages ​​(Dutch, French, Italian and English) and has a master's degree in psychology. She is the Special Representative of the World Health Organization and is the Honorary President of the Belgian UNICEF.


14. Princess Märtha Louise of Norway

Princess Märtha Louse of Norway is the fourth in the line of succession to the Norwegian throne after her brother Haakon, heir in place and her two children.


She is a certified physiotherapist but has now chosen to start her own entertainment business instead of her previous job.

She also founded her charity, The Royal Heath Fund, Princess Märtha Louise, which helps disabled children under the age of 16.

15. Stéphanie of Luxembourg


Countess of birth, the Grand Duchess Stephanie received a new title after her marriage with Duke William, heir to the throne of Luxembourg. She is also princess of Nassau as well as of Parma. She is fluent in German, French and English, but also a little Russian because she studied in Moscow for a few months.

16. Gabriella Windsor of the United Kingdom


Lady Gabriella Windsor is the daughter of the Prince and Princess of Kent and works as a writer. A second-year graduate of Literary and Cultural Anthropology, she is the great-granddaughter of King George V and Queen Mary. She is leaving right now with rugby star Tom Kingston.

17. Princess Diana of Wales

Who could deny the timeless beauty of Princess Diana?


Nobody, that's it! The princess was married to Prince Charles in 1996 and died of a fatal car accident that changed the world forever in 1997. She is still remembered by the public who adored her and is still celebrated by the Royal family.


18. Grace Kelly of Monaco

Grace Kelly, the last princess of Monaco, was one of the most iconic women in history.


She became a princess after being a movie star by her marriage to Prince Rainier III in 1956. The former actress died in a crash in 1982, while her daughter was in the passenger seat. Her husband never remarried and was buried near her after her death in 2005.


19. Meghan Markle

Even though she was not part of royalty, Meghan Markle caught the eye of Prince Harry.


Of course, there have been some concerns in the royal family about adapting an American actress to the entire protocol. But according to Vanity Fair, a former royal family butler named Grant Harrold explained that this was not the most important aspect.


"Harry is in love with her and she loves him too. And that's all that matters to the Queen and Prince Charles. I see no reason why Meghan could not be the woman of her life. "

20. Princess Caroline of Monaco


If Kate Middleton had become famous in the 80s or 90s, Princess Caroline would surely have given him a hard time.


Caroline is part of the famous royal family of Monaco, it is also the first of the three children of Prince Rainier and Princess Grace Kelly. She was the heiress of the throne for about a year until the birth of her brother, Prince Albert II. She regained her princely status when she married Ernst August, the Prince of Hanover.

21. Jazmin Grace Grimaldi


No, it's not Lady Gaga even if Jazmin looks like a lot on this picture. Jazmin Grace Grimaldi is the eldest daughter of Prince Albert II of Monaco, and therefore Caroline's niece and Grace Kelly's granddaughter.

She is now considered an illegitimate child by the monarchy of Monaco because she was born out of wedlock. So, even if she is the first daughter of Prince Albert, she is not considered the heir to the Monegasque throne. However, she has a very close and respectful relationship with her father, who recognized her in 2006.

This one is very protective with her too. The photo above is an illustration of an article in Harper's Bazaar in which Jazmin spoke of his royal origins.

22. Pauline Ducruet

This is another member of the royal family of Monaco: Pauline Ducruet is the daughter of Stephanie of Monaco, the youngest of the three children of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III.


It has no royal title, but is still twelfth in the order of succession to the throne. She is also a professional diver and represented Monaco at the 2010 World Junior Diving Championships.

23. Tatiana Santo Domingo

Like Kate Middleton, Tatiana Santo Domingo married to royalty.


Her husband is Andrea Casiraghi, eldest son of Caroline of Monaco and fourth in the line of succession. Both met at the boarding school in Fontainebleau and went out together for seven years before becoming engaged.

However, even before she entered the royal family, Tatiana already came from a wealthy and noble family from South America. With her husband, she had three children, two boys and a girl.

24. Beatrice Borromeo

Like Tatiana, Beatrice married a member of the Monegasque royal family. She is indeed the wife of Pierre Casiraghi, the youngest son of Caroline of Monaco, and the seventh in the order of succession.


But even without this relationship, she was already part of the old aristocratic family of Borromeo, a family of merchants who made their fortune on the roads of Italy. His father, Don Carlo Ferdinando Borromeo is also count of Arona.

25. Princess Beatrice of York

Princess Beatrice is the eldest sister of Princess Eugenie, of whom we have already spoken. Elder of the siblings, she is seventh in the succession of Queen Elizabeth, her grandmother.


She is regularly present at Royal Family events, even though she does not officially work for the family and therefore does not receive a salary. But of course, she often represents the crown in the various and varied causes she supports.


She was even the first member of the royal family to run the London Marathon; she had raised funds for children in crisis.

26. Marie-Marguerite, Duchess of Anjou

Marie-Marguerite is the heiress of a wealthy owner of a bank in Venezuela, but she became a duchess after her marriage with Louis Alphonse, Duke of Anjou.


According to the French royalists, those who think that the king of France must be chosen according to the Salic law, Louis Alphonse is the legitimate heir to the crown of France. According to this logic, Marie-Marguerite could become the Queen of France if the monarchy returned.

27. Lady Sarah Chatto

Born Lady Sarah Armstrong Jones, she is the daughter of the Earl of Snowdon and Princess Margaret, but also the youngest daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth consort.


Which makes her the 23rd in the order of succession to the British crown. She met her husband, actor Daniel Chatto, while shooting a film in India. She is close enough to her aunt, Queen Elizabeth II, and regularly participates in events and royal holidays.

28. Alexandra of Luxembourg


Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg is the only daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg. She is a rather relaxed princess of the kind who regularly participates in events informally, even at royal events and weddings. She is now 28 years old and is a beautiful young woman.

29. Tatiana of Greece and Denmark


Princess Tatiana of Greece and Denmark is the wife of Prince Nikolaos and the sister-in-law of Princess Theodora. She has a degree in sociology from Georgetown University and worked as an event organizer for Diane von Fürstenberg. She has abandoned this life since 2010 to devote herself to her royal life.

30. Kate Middleton

No list of the most incredible princesses in the world would have been complete without the presence of the Duchess of Cambridge herself, the adorable Kate Middleton.


Kate, whose official name is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, lived a relatively normal life until she met Prince William during their college years. The couple got married on April 29, 2011, but the whole world had already fallen in love with her.

Kate is simply one of the most iconic personalities in the world of fashion. She is always impeccably dressed, made up and coiffed.


But her main strength is that she seems to keep her feet on the ground, and she seems to be a very active mom with her three children, George, Charlotte and Louis. Kate has already been named one of Time Magazine's Top 100 Most Influential People in the World.

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