The scary rumor that worries Britney Spears fans

For several hours, the hashtag #FreeBritney was created on social networks by fans of Britney Spears. According to them, the singer would be held against her will in the psychiatric hospital where she was admitted.


Are Britney Spears fans in full conspiracy theory or have they just discovered a scary secret about their idol? A movement organized under the hashtag #FreeBritney has been launched on social networks in recent hours. According to the fans of the star, the latter would be held against her will in the psychiatric hospital where she was admitted a few days ago. In early April, the entourage of the singer, then "in emotional distress," announced that she had decided to get help. It was explained that "Brit Brit" was no longer able to cope with the serious health problems of his father - who took her under his tutelage in 2007 after his descent into hell - a victim of a rupture of the colon.

But today, some fans do not believe in this version anymore. It all began when the "Britney's Gram" podcast, hosted by two of them, discovered that one of Britney Spears' tutelage lawyers would have suddenly resigned in January, after more than 10 years of protecting interests of the star. January also marks the moment when the star announced the cancellation of his future residence in Las Vegas because of the health problems of his father. Since then, she has not been photographed once, says "Page Six". On Tuesday, Lynne Spears, Britney's mother, provoked - a bit in spite of it - a new wave of speculations by publishing an enigmatic photo on Instagram. "When the soldiers of God are on the ground, the battle is not over, it is just beginning," reads the picture with the caption "That's it, faith." A priori nothing abnormal when you know the difficult passage that the Spears family is going through right now. But this is a comment in particular, "liked" by Lynne Spears, which makes fans wonder: "I really hope you support Britney in his fight to end his tutelage. I really hope your sick ex-husband does not keep her against her will somewhere. "

"My life is not out of control, it's just too controlled"

According to these fans, Jamie Spears has discovered that his daughter would no longer take his medication to treat depression and bipolar disorder. In an attempt to change his mind, the man initially threatened to cancel his famous concerts in Las Vegas. Seeing the lack of reaction of Britney Spears, he would have made sure to make it intern. To add another "proof" to their somewhat far-fetched story, the podcast's presenters also unveiled a voicemail, recorded according to them not a former member of the legal team of the interpreter of "Baby One More Time ", in which he states:" I am only a lawyer, I have obviously never spoken to him, but from what I understood, it was absolutely not a decision on his part (to go to get treatment at the hospital, ").

A crazy theory that recalls, however, some of the star's words in the documentary "For The Record", released in 2008 while she was organizing her big comeback after its run-down. "I lost myself, I never wanted to become one of those prisoners, I always wanted to feel free. I let people get into my life because I felt lonely, and normally, and I, I will have to pay for it for a very long time, "she said, in tears. She also added, "When I tell people how I feel, they hear me but do not listen, they hear what they want to hear, but they do not care what I say. I'm sad. Even when you go to jail, you know when you are going out. My life is not out of control, it's just too controlled. " Faced with the magnitude of the phenomenon #FreeBritney, the former manager of Britney Spears, Adam Leber (that we see in this documentary) took the floor. "I heard about this podcast. I did not listen to him. I have not worked with Britney for more than two years and I am no longer involved in any of her business. But I wish him nothing but love ... "

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