This 14-year-old teen earns 15,000 dollars per month playing Fortnite

Make money by staying locked in your room? Check. Have a 5-digit salary under 18? Double check. A 14-year-old Fortnite player receives 15,000 euros per month thanks to his performances in the video game. No need to go through the metro box, work, sleep, the teenager stays in front of his computer to make money.


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He made $200,000 last year

Unless you have spent the last few months in the middle of the countryside, surrounded by cows and without an internet network, you must know Fortnite. If only name. With more than 250 million players in the world, the game in Battle Royale mode has become a real phenomenon. And thanks to him, minor gamers can create small fortunes. This is the case of Griffin Spikoski, 14, who earns 15,000 euros a month playing online. Yes, we can say that it is a good salary to stay in front of your computer, in your room and play.

It was the very serious Washington Post who made these revelations, stating in passing that the teenager won $ 200,000 last year. At this rate, he could even beat Kylie Jenner who became the youngest billionaire of all time. Since the launch of Fortnite, Griffin Spikoski has been playing and has thus embarked on a lucrative e-sports career. Its YouTube Sceptic channel has more than 1 million subscribers. And to be an ace of the mouse / controller, he trains no less than 18 hours a day. A detail for him who plays video games since he was 3 years old but who asked for talent and a lot of work.

His father is happy (you surprise me!)

His father explained that, thanks to Fortnite, not only is he financially independent, but he has also been open to others: "Griffin is a rather reserved child who does not like being in the light. play live, a whole other personality has arisen, Skeptic ". "He always wanted to be in this environment since he was very young," he said. A job that requires him to be behind a screen for hours. The dream for him, as for many young people.

And just to show you how he earns all this money, that's what a part of Fortnite posted on his YouTube channel looks like:

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