This childhood picture of Messi and his future wife ignites social networks

The Argentinian media La Capital broadcast an unpublished childhood photo of Lionel Messi. Barely ten years old, the Barcelona star is posing on a beach in Mar del Plata, Argentina. At his side, Antonella Roccuzzo, childhood friend and companion of the Argentinian.

This childhood picture of Messi and his future wife ignites social networks© La Capital Mar del Plata

This is the story of a cliché turned viral in just a few hours. The Argentinean media La Capital has inflamed the canvas after broadcasting a rare childhood picture of Lionel Messi. The five-time Golden Ball is only ten years old and is smiling with his young friends on a beach in Mar del Plata, the fourth largest city in Argentina.

Inseparable since the nine years of Messi

Looking closer, especially with him Antonella Rocuzzo, friend of childhood ... and great love of the Argentine since 2009. The little genius is then a player of the Newell's Old Boys and perfect his training as a future football player. But like many Argentineans, during summer holidays in December or January, he enjoys the beaches of Mar del Plata, made famous by clichés of the national figures of the history of the country (Che Guevara, Maradona, Eva Péron ...) .

The result of three years of investigation, this silver discovery, dated January 1998, literally set fire to the South American media. All major titles are relaying this photo of the heart of Barcelona. "Love of crack", dares on Twitter TyC Sports while the Nacion boasts their "inseparability". Friends since the nine years of the Pulga, Lionel and Antonella are only a year apart and have rarely left. "I knew Leo before he became Messi, and we have always had memories of Antonella in the neighborhood like Leo's girlfriend," said a neighbor before their wedding in 2017.

The fascination of the public for their story may come from the Argentine's assumed discretion on the subject. Not stingy in posts on social networks, the Messi couple is not very present in the traditional media, where he evokes only more rarely his heart. Yet, a vast mythology exists on the subject. It must be said that his love forever for his childhood friend, become companion of the greatest footballer to become a decade ago, a little bit in the world often "rhinestones and glitter" of football.

But the Pulga has never departed from his teenage passion. After losing sight of Argentina's departure in Spain in 2000, Lionel and Antonella started their romance in December 2009. She stopped her studies of dietetics to join him a year later in Barcelona, and did not take long to give life to their first child, Thiago, in 2012. Matteo will follow (2015), then Ciro (2018). Meanwhile, the two companions are getting married in Argentina on June 30, 2017. At the time, 260 guests (including Neymar, Eto'o, Lavezzi, Ronaldinho or Piqué) had taken part in the event organized in great pomp in Rosario , the city of heart of the unshakable Messi couple.

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