This Perfume is the most expensive in the world, here's why

Perfumery is an art and this creation that combines jewelery and fragrance proves that creativity has no limit. 

We know the smell floating in the Elysium thanks to Brigitte Macron , the perfume of the victory of the Blues or the scent of the marriage of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ... But what can look like the most expensive fragrance in the world? ? It's the label "The Spirit of Dubai Parfums" that created it. The name of this juice?  Shumukh  ", which means in Arabic "deserve the best".

This Parfum is the most expensive in the world

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Victor Hugo said "The shape is the bottom that rises to the surface", this adage makes sense with the bottle designed to accommodate this luxury juice. Vial minutely carved in crystal, topaz, black diamonds, white diamonds, Italian marble, pearl, ... The company has collected the most precious materials and has called on craftsmen from France and Italy to create a real jewel that contains 3 liters of perfume. And this bottle is worth its weight in gold. Total figures, this gives 38.55 carats of diamonds, more than two pounds of pure gold and 5 pounds of pure silver. A single piece that is gold has already entered the Guiness book of records.

This Perfume is the most expensive in the world

A scent that goes beyond luxury

As for his wake he is just as singular. The company chose the best. Three years of research and 494 tests to achieve a sensory nirvana. The score of this sweet and oriental fragrance is composed of the most precious ingredients gleaned all around the world: "amber, musk, sandalwood, pure Turkish rose, patchouli, ylang-ylang, incense and oud wood". This unisex fragrance dresses the skin for 12 hours. The total price of this luxury scent is estimated at 1.295 million dollars or 1.144 million euros. A perfume that floats an inaccessible and ephemeral dream.

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