Time spent on social networks would have an "insignificant" impact on teen morale

It is often difficult to get teens out of social networks, however, their impact on their morale would be "insignificant". In any case, says a study done by Oxford University that looked at how long teens spend on Facebook or Instagram on a regular school day.


The researchers highlighted this time on social networks and their emotions, whether they felt happy or not. Their conclusion: time spent on social networks has an "insignificant" impact on their happiness. "This study used improved data and statistical approaches, and found that most of the links between satisfaction and use of a social network are insignificant. However, there are two-way effects: the less you are satisfied with your life, the more you spend time on social networks, and vice versa. These two-way effects are more consistent in women than men, but again, these trends are minimal, "reads the release of the university.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers used an eight-year household survey in the United Kingdom involving approximately 12,000 British adolescents. While the UK Household Panel Study offered the highest quality of longitudinal data available, the study authors noted that it was limited to a personal estimate of the use of social networks, due to lack of the part of social networks to provide their data to scientists who "try to investigate their impact".

Scientists hope, however, to continue their research on the impact of social networks on the younger generation. "If our study is very promising, it is only the first step. To truly understand how the diverse uses of social networks affect adolescents, we need industry data, "said Amy Orben, a professor at Oxford University.

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