Top 10 positive effects yoga on your body, the best sports

Hello yogis. So we'll all learn to reconnect with ourselves and we'll make a nice greeting in the sun before taking his vinyasa and then raise the hips to the position of the dog upside down ... You did not interfere with this what I just said? It's normal. This is because you are not yet followers of yoga and we will not correct this nasty defect. Because we, that's it, we're back in the sect and we're ultra yoga fans so we do a little bit of proselytism ...

1. Already basic is a sport activity, and sport = good

We tend to believe that yoga is something of feignasses, soft knee, except to stand in a tailor position and sing "ooommmm" we do not care much. You are naive. Nice to teach you that yoga is a sport practice that will be released with salty body aches in absolutely unsuspected areas and overheated abs.

2. It makes you much more flexible

This is the main argument, the one that motivates novices to learn. Because flexibility (well, rather, lack of flexibility) is a problem that concerns us all and that poses more and more problem over time. Yoga comes to solve this problem and in a very short time. Without ever rushing your muscles you should manage to do some positions initially impossible for you which is rather kiffant.

Top 10 positive effects yoga on your body

3. It's not traumatic for your muscles

It is repeated, yoga is certainly athletic but also rhyme with sweetness (well not really but it's a way of talking it goes there, do not think I'm stupid, I'm tired at the end). Rather than curling cardiac arrest in a cross-fit assignment where you will be screamed at, you can go on to gain as much physical goodness without complaining about your race in a yoga assignment.

4. It's very good for the articulations

Yes, OK when you are under 92, you do not have the reflex to think about preserving your joints. But precisely ! With yoga we preserve ourselves in the long run. As you repeat the same gestures, the same positions each time depending on your physical abilities and progressing slowly but surely, well you release tensions and improve the life of your wrists, your ankles, your elbows, and your hips.

Top 10 positive effects yoga on your body

5. Yoga practice can help you slim down

Which is quite logical given all the previously mentioned arguments: sport, flexibility, digestion ... Obviously after a while it goes hand in hand with a thinning. Since it's not intensive, you may not lose as quickly as you would in boxing classes, but as yoga practice tends to make you take better care of your body, it encourages us to eat less dripping stuff. fat.

6. You breathe better

Breath is a founding pillar of yoga. It sounds weird to say but we learn to breathe. This is also the most difficult thing, breathe on a given time during a posture not necessarily obvious. So necessarily it improves your breathing abilities. And thanks to that, you can smoke three times more packs of cigarettes a day after the stroke, yay!

Top 10 positive effects yoga on your body

7. It helps you to do better poo

Yes, sometimes it is necessary to be carried away by the triviality and the baseness of the primary needs. It may not be the sexiest argument on paper, but it is an important HYPER trick. As you apply postures that "massage" your internal organs, it facilitates your digestion.

8. You are in trouble, so you sleep better and you concentrate better too

The reason we recommend yoga more than any other sport is because it is distressing. But kind really. You do not have to be sweaty after an hour of yoga, but you're relaxed. But this appeasement of the body and mind is beneficial for a lot of things: sleep well at night, be focused the day, be calm, more serene or know how to make his laces.

9. It reduces your back pain

Today everyone has back pain. A little, a lot, madly, passionately. I am well placed to speak I have screws planted along the spine. And it turns out that yoga significantly reduces back pain again thanks to this story of flexibility. Well, you must have known.

Top 10 positive effects yoga on your body

10. We perceive the effects rather quickly

Yesiiiiii and that's the best thing about yogaaaaaa! If the very first session may seem a bit rough, rest assured, you will perceive the positive effects after only a few sessions. We can not do more efficiently.

Namaste, the family.

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