Top 10 stuff that disappeared with CDs, the good old days

Remember toddlers, it was not so long ago, ha, that, not so long at all, we were young, we were frying on our solex, there were little eggs at the counter, ah the good time, we had the yellow at 2 francs at Laurette and there was no discomfort ... The Thirties glorious, the lightness, the cheap essence, VGE ... Yeah well we do not talk about that at all, since we talk about CDs in fact .

Top 10 stuff that disappeared with CDs

1. Going to listen to them at the STORES

You chose the CD and put it on with a pro helmet whose tungsten-reinforced cable weighed about 200 kilos. Obviously, it was almost out of the question that you leave with the CD at the end since you had listened to the MUSIC STORE, which was good enough. Except of course when they were paying the price on the barcode and you could not scan this CD.

2. Bonus tracks or ghost tracks

Which were ultra-boring because you had to tap the so-called last song of the album plus 3 minutes of white noise to access it, before realizing that, most of the time, if this ghost track did not appear not directly on the album, there was a reason. The beautiful hours of boredom.

3. Make CD compiles to flirt

And write on it with an indelible pen while hesitating to put hearts. And put it in a CD pouch with a blanket made of plastic and some transparent plastic stuff on the inside. And take a huge wind because anyway during the school trip, the girl she does not want to listen to music with you and she prefers the muscular guy who has no acne.

4. CD furniture

"Wow, that's great, you can put up to 100 CDs in it thanks to these adapted storage batteries at the right size! And it takes no space, you can put it in a corner, you've seen! It's awesome ! "

We were young, we were crazy.

5. The little booklets where you were happy when there were valves or photos

Or even better: the lyrics. You could stop singing Placebo in yoghurt, and it was priceless, well, it had a price, around 80 francs, but it was worth it because it was cool to have CDs, it was beautiful objects frankly possess the music in physics, there's that true.

6. Burning CDs for your friends

With Nero. While planting you ten times because you bought CD-RWs when you needed CD-Rs, everyone told you but you still took CD-RWs because you were sure of you and suddenly you find yourself compiling CD Mp3 as if your CD was a USB and not a practical device that can be read in a CD player.

7. The lost 10 minutes trying to open to open these fucking packaging

The creator of the CD package would have managed to overthrow the shoah by complicating everything. He could have been a hero and instead he chose to become a big asshole.

8. The discman

Absolutely not practical, they went beyond your pocket and smashed it, while jumping permanently. But hey, it was the future, so even if the future was bad, we wanted to be, what, logical.

9. The striped CDs that disconnected in the car

And all the systems supposed to correct the scratches: apply such product, such as ointment, such gel, and FUCK BUT STOP TO PUT YOUR FINGERS TOGETHER YOU WILL SKIP MY READING LENS WITH YOUR HAND GREASE.

10. The frustration of slims boxes that we did not know where to put away

Shit, they had not planned that in the CD cabinet ... Disappointment.

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