Top 12 best astrological signs from best to worst

Astrology at iCashMag is a little hard to believe, but when Hill Valley University in the United States releases a study on the best and worst signs based on years of character studies on a panel of several thousand people, we feels obliged to believe them. So we went to see what they had concluded and the results are quite impressive. Here are the 12 astrological signs ranked from best to worst.

1. Balance

Balance, intelligence, beauty, diplomacy and calm, there is apparently nothing missing in Libra which are very clearly THE best sign among the 12. Their finesse and charm generate a lot of jealousy around them, especially from big toques Gemini, but no matter: Libra knows where they are going, and they do it with determination, kindness and open-mindedness.

Top 12 best astrological signs from best to worst

2. Scorpion

If Libra is the smooth and peaceful side of a room, Scorpions are the rough side, which is not a flaw. Scorpio is impulsive, but measured, determined to the point of stubbornness, but always keeping in mind the sense of nobility, justice and equality. It is from this wood that the leaders, the rockstars, those who will go far because they can do it.

Top 12 best astrological signs from best to worst

3. Capricorn

Capricorn is serious, applied, sometimes a little too much, but this desire to control everything masks in fact a fragility and sensitivity to the skin. Not as sure of himself as Scorpion or Libra, Capricorn remains a strong and elegant sign that plays a lot on seduction and appearance and that's normal: Capricorns are beautiful kids and that allows them to climb into 3rd place in the ranking.

Top 12 best astrological signs from best to worst

4. Leo

Fourth out of twelve is a very good place, but you can be sure that the Lion will not be satisfied because their biggest defect is pride. A pride very misplaced that can sometimes take over all their strengths, and they have yet a good package: courage, creativity, charm and power make them very pleasant people to rub shoulders, if we know how to tame them. Add to that a naturally sweet and floral body odor and you have a very, very good sign.

Top 12 best astrological signs from best to worst

5. Cancer

Cancer is a discreet, humble and polite person. All this is very good and we can clearly not blame them, especially as they love animals and also they invite the little fat to their table if he eats alone in the canteen. So why are not they in the top 3? Surely because they are not sure enough of them, but that's what makes them so charming. Little more: they are very good at Time's Up and everyone wants them in their team.

Top 12 best astrological signs from best to worst

6. Sagittarius

If the astrological signs were Harry Potter schools, the Sagittarians would certainly be Ravenclaws. It's very good, we do not have much to reproach them, but in the end we always forget a little and life chews and spits them without mercy. Sagittarians do not care and it is this nonchalance sometimes disillusioned that makes them cool people, chill, a hair relax or even sometimes totally flex.

Top 12 best astrological signs from best to worst

7. Aries

Another facet of Leo, but much more boring, Aries is the first sign of this ranking to be more negative than positive. Take all the assets of his fawn brother, but add an unbearable instability, a very unpleasant body odor (Aries consumes a lot of deodorant) and tastes of chiotte deco, in short, it was badly barred for him. Fortunately, Aries is doing well with his extraordinary intelligence that allows him to succeed in life, despite everything.

Top 12 best astrological signs from best to worst

8. Virgo

Everything could very well happen for the Virgo unfortunately their bottomless nonsense is clearly a brake on their development. The bearers and bearers of the sign Virgo are usually physically spoiled by nature who hastened to rebalance all that by making them uninteresting people. Gentiles certainly, but uninteresting. Their discretion saves them and people often say of the Virgo that they are "nice, but nothing more".

Top 12 best astrological signs from best to worst

9. Taurus

The problem with Taurus is that nobody knows if they are stupid or if they do it on purpose. Not bad, Taurus seems to be, according to the University of Hill Valley, a sign rather worn by cigarillos smokers scented with vanilla. Do we really need to say more?

Top 12 best astrological signs from best to worst

10. Aquarius

When we know that 3 out of 5 Aquarius tortures small mammals in their childhood, it is not surprising to find them so low in the ranking. Attention, we do not say that all bearers of the sign become serial killers, we just said that they have all thought at least once and it does not surprise anyone if we find them one day naked in a pool of blood playing the doll with the freshly sawn limbs of their latest victim.

Top 12 best astrological signs from best to worst

11. Gemini

Abominable character, total disorganization, permanent bad faith, Gemini are the pebble in the shoe of humanity and it is time that we wake up because the natives of the 1st decan are clearly fucking the planet in the air . Apparently it would be scientifically proven that they are responsible for 47% of global warming alone. 

Top 12 best astrological signs from best to worst

12. Pisces

Well already we must know that the majority of SS brigades were Fish, it still sets the scene for the worst astrological sign in the world, at least according to studies. What is terrible about the fish is not so much his passable physique, his average intelligence and his nibbling mania, no, the worst is obviously the way they have to place the PQ always in the wrong direction, facing the wall, while everyone knows that the roll must unfold in front of us. If we were you, we would change date of birth and quickly.

Top 12 best astrological signs from best to worst

We hope it has opened your eyes.

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